Taking Stock - August 24, 2015

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Like most people with a passing interest in politics I’ve been keeping a close eye on the Labour leadership race - which has certainly served up some intrigue.

Now, I should probably declare my position on the whole thing is that of an intrigued but neutral party - in truth feel rather divorced from the whole Westminster process, stuck in a safe seat by the width of a garden fence. But it has been entertaining watching the panic as a rank outsider has leapt ahead in the polls to the shock and horror of those who have spent the best part of a decade jockeying for position.

Jeremy Corbyn’s fresh ideas and relaxed demeanour have certainly captured the imagination of the public - his left leaning views garnering union support.

I’m not sold on such matters but I do like the idea, floated by the honourable member for Islington North, that everybody should have a garden.

He may have wanted to add a caveat - stating anyone whose garden ended up containing seven foot high grass, an unwanted sofa or half of a 1987 Ford Escort would lose that right.

But it’s a lovely thought.

You might find it hard to believe but I like my garden - especially the little vegetable patch which I set up at the start of the summer.

The children get to see that fruit and vegetables and I get the sense of satisfaction that I’ve grown one meal a year.

My 2015 harvest of four tomatoes, 12 spuds, a green bean and seven small carrots certainly isn’t going to keep me going through winter.

And there’s nothing for pud - Thornton’s squirrel population having fattened themselves on my strawberry crop.

But there’s a real sense of achievement in unearthing home-grown tatties while humming the theme tune to The Good Life.

My green space may be modest but I know I’m lucky - not everybody has access to their own little bit of the outdoors. Quite how Jeremy plans to go about changing that I don’t know.

But it certainly is an admirable thought.

Every Englishman’s home is his castle - why should he have a little bit of greenery as well.