Summer’s here... if you didn’t know

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I’m not allowed to mention this at home but have you noticed how the nights have started drawing in?

Yes, I know that Thursday was actually the longest day, the summer solstice and all that other prancing round Stone Henge in flowing robes kind of stuff. But today is Saturday. That means there’s not as much daylight as there was on Thursday. We’re not exactly plunged into instant darkness just yet but, like it or lump it, we are already heading towards the shortest day and surely you have to admit that there seem to be a lot more long nights than there are long days?

It’s not even as if the summer solstice brings with it anything like summer weather - well, not what other countries would call summer weather. You know, sunshine. Blue skies. And warmth.

Obviously I don’t know what the weather is being like today because this column was written earlier in the week. But cast your mind back to last Saturday when Elton John had to cut his Tower Festival Headland appearance short for fear of having to change the lyrics of I’m Still Standing into Last Man Standing and retrieve his hair before it set off to the Isle of Man without him

It was cold. And wet. And windy. And cold. Even the sight of Blackpool South MP Gordon Marsden on his feet and dancing whilst most of the rest of us were huddling ever closer together for fear of hypothermia setting in failed to warm my cockles - or anything else for that matter.Even so I think it’s a bit rich that people have been asking for – nay demanding – a refund on their ticket price. By the time his plugs were pulled the pension drawing Rocket Man had already performed for almost two hours which is more than a lot of the younger pretenders to the rock throne can muster.

I’ve seen bands in the much warmer Empress Ballroom struggle to bash out more than about 45 minutes before calling it a day and heading back to the bar.

And talking of bars. If I were to criticise anything about last Saturday’s gig it would be the fact the bars stayed open right through the evening instead of pulling down the shutters whilst the headliner was on. Granted I’m the last person to criticise anyone for fancying a drink whilst they are out at night but there was a fair contingent of Headland concert goers who saw more of the bar staff than they did of Elton John.

There were people who no sooner got back to their seat (assuming no one else had moved swiftly into it whilst they were absent) than they were up again to visit the portable toilets. Or they opted to just stand where they were, plastic drinks container in hand and wait to be moved on by the long suffering security staff.

It wouldn’t surprise me if they weren’t the very same people now wanting a refund on their tickets.

Give them one to see John Barrowman tonight instead.

That’ll serve them right.