Strange stories from the past seven days - 16 July, 2011

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POLICE cracking down on drink drivers in the UK have their latest catch – a man driving a ride-on lawnmower.

A sozzled boy racer was more than twice the legal limit when he was stopped driving his parents’ 15mph mower on his way to meet pals.

He had riden the 125bhp £1,700 machine almost a mile from his family home, before being stopped.

The 18-year-old was banned from driving for 17 months.

Next up, Evelyn and Hortense Edwards spent two decades visiting what they thought was their mother’s grave in a cemetery, only to discover it contained the remains of a stranger.

Now, the sisters are suing, seeking £15.5m in damages from Rosehill Cemetery, New Jersey, for emotional distress caused when they learned that their mother, Beatrice Williams, had been buried in the wrong plot.

They said they only recently discovered the mix-up after complaining to the cemetery what they thought was their mother’s grave, which they visit regularly, was falling into disrepair.

Back in the UK, a boy of 15 has been banned from class because he has grown a beard.

Teachers put 6ft 2in Harrison Cerami in isolation when he refused to shave.

But mum Kerry, 41, claims razors would trouble her son’s acne, and has taken him out of the school in protest.

She said: “There are children with earrings, nose rings, eyebrow piercings – yet Harry’s being singled out for having a beard.

“I could understand the isolation punishment for something more serious, but to be put into a small room for a day is disgraceful.”

His mum said Harrison will not go back to Ribblesdale High School unless it changes its rules.

Completely changing the subject, a drug addict was caught this week, after hiding his stash of cocaine – under a police car.

The man was stopped for a routine search, but managed to throw a bag containing £250 of the Class-A substance under their vehicle. He was freed when nothing was found on him, but arrested minutes later as he tried to crawl under the car and retrieve the drugs.

And finally, a man denied taking part in an armed raid this week – but was rumbled after he wrote about it in his diary.

In a damning entry on the day of the robbery, Jonathan Ochola, 21, had jotted: “Go Portsmouth robbery happens.”

Student Ochola told police he was at home watching football with his brother at the time. In fact, he was the getaway driver, and the pair had split the £500 takings.

Police traced the robbers after Delawala dropped a balaclava with his DNA on it, and were amazed when they saw Ochola’s diary.