‘Steve Canavan’s attitude to everything is appalling. He is a moron. Remove him’

Gazette columnist Steve Canavan
Gazette columnist Steve Canavan
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Gazette columnist Steve Canavan has come under fire from an angry reader who has labelled him a ‘moron’ and demanded he is axed.

Steve, the 02 Media Awards Feature Writer of the Year in 2013, writes a column every Thursday in The Gazette where he marvels at the mundanity of life and trials and tribulations of fatherhood.

But his tongue-in-cheek style has upset one reader who has demanded he is sacked from his role.

The writer, who did not supply their name or address, didn’t hold back in their criticism.

Here’s the letter in full

“Whoever sanctioned Steve Canavan to write a weekly column in the Gazette should be removed from office. The man is about the worse example I have ever read, his attitude to everything is appalling and the worst part of it all, it lowers the tone of the newspaper.

Remove him. His attitude to everything is a disgrace and the way he goes on about his wife and daughter beggars belief, no care, no respect, the man is a moron.

Remove him.

Whether my comments have any effect I doubt it, but to allow this man a column in your paper doesn’t show a great deal of judgement to the people who read the paper.

Fair play for everybody.”