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We got to Southampton in the end, wish I hadn't!
We got to Southampton in the end, wish I hadn't!
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CONGRATULATIONS to the 1,033 Blackpool fans who made the trip to Southampton. I genuinely salute you because, I’ll be honest, I’d have much rather have stayed at home.

The journey down was truly horrendous, despite me trying to play an Ian Holloway-like clever tactical game.

Aware that driving on a Friday afternoon is an awful experience (anyone who has been on the M6 near Birmingham at this time will back me up), I craftily decided to depart at 6pm and thought I’d race to the south coast on deserted roads, getting there no later than 10pm and so having time for a nice dip in the hotel pool before finding a comfy chair by an open fire in the bar.

I could almost taste the beer.

The plan started to go wrong somewhere near Knutsford, when my vehicle moved two miles in 55 minutes.

It slowed to a standstill again near Birmingham and then, just when I was starting to make some good progress near Reading, another jam appeared out of nowhere.

The end result was that I staggered into my hotel at 12.15am. There was no fire and the bar was shut.

Fortunately I found two rather sad-looking ham sandwiches at the bottom of my bag, which kept me going till the next morning. Not quite what I had in mind.

*IT was like a Seasiders reunion at Bloomfield Road on Wednesday.

Andy Morrell, Michael Flynn and John Murphy were all hanging around the tunnel area, while Mike Sheron watched from the stand.

Honestly, don’t you just hate bandwagon jumpers...

Matt Phillips got to know them all quite well.

He had time on his hands, having to stand and wait while DJ Campbell, who was giving him a lift home, did about a dozen interviews with various media outlets following his matchwinning goal.

“Sorry Matty,” he kept shouting. “I’ll be with you in a minute, mate”.

*NON-biased story of the week: “Former West Ham United and QPR midfielder Martin ‘Mad Dog’ Allen believes close friend Ian Holloway should have won BBC’s prestigious Coach of the Year award...”