'Spend cash on important stuff' Readers have their say on news a mermaid statue for Blackpool will cost £35,000

The cost of a new statue near North Pier, which could look like a street performer, has been revealed.

Friday, 15th November 2019, 5:00 pm
The mermaid statue
The mermaid statue

The figure, described as a ‘contemporary mermaid’, was announced last week by the council, which did not immediately say how much it would cost.

Now, in response to a Freedom of Information request, it said the costs, including artist Laurence Payot’s commission and installation fees, will total £35,500.

The authority said it is using “100 per cent external grant funding ... to deliver this project” while, in its announcement last week, it said it had “commissioned the project as part of the wider plans for the town centre regeneration”

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We asked for your views and here are a selection of comments left on our Facebook page:

So how many people exactly were consulted on this idea? If someone walked round Blackpool asking people what they thought it was and did they like it.... I bet the general consensus would be negative.This needs a massive rethink...now!

Cymoril Aeb Gray

This project is all part of the council’s plan to revive the town centre and deliver a better Blackpool for everyone.” Or spend the thousands on tackling knife crime instead just a thought!

Rob Redfern

What a waste of money, looks horrible, could be spent on the people in need.

Lorna Fairnie

People should read it properly. I think it’s a great idea x

Lynne Scarles

It would be better spent on the streets behind the prom and inland . That’s where the money is needed. What a waste.

Sue Bannister

I do wish people would read things before commenting.

Dawn Butterworth

How many homeless people are there in Blackpool and they spend money on a flipping statue.

Liz Abbey

The council isn’t paying for it.

Caroline Anne Bernadette

Could get three more trees for that. Much more attractive also.

Julian Carrington

What trees are you buying at 12 grand each??

Mark Horsfield

So, let’s just get things straight here. This is grant money for a specific purpose. It cannot be spent on homeless shelters, roads or stopping knife crime. Whether we like it or not, money is available for spending on Arts and Environmental projects - they may the places we live better! Look at some of the work that has been done to improve the Promenade....it all adds up to making Blackpool a better place to live and visit.

Helen Dempster

What a joke. Spend money on important stuff for people of Blackpool .

Chloe Keogh

The council could spend that money in other ways. Disgusting!

Julia Wadsworth

No they couldn’t! It’s specifically for this kind of project!

Martin King