Social media, politics and Brexit - here are the letters for May 8, 2019

Our rulers are continuing their “Brexit” leave of incompetence, this time into the justice system.

Wednesday, 8th May 2019, 2:04 pm
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Rape must have a devastating effect on the victim, but now having taken the courageous decision to bring the rapist to justice, they must hand over their telephonic records so that the understaffed police can go through every piece of recorded data, no matter how delicate or sensitive that is, with whatever consequence there may be, not only for the victim, but all others in their lives.

The fact that the police will only be “interested” in relevant data does nothing to mitigate the other consequences, even if no relevant data is found.

On the other side of the scales, the alleged rapist is under no similar obligation.

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If the victim can have crucial information on their phone, then so could the alleged rapist.

You could even argue that in every type of offence all those involved could have telephonic information that “might” be crucial and which should be handed over in full without question, providing the understaffed police with even more “trawling”.

This situation cannot be defended.

I would like to think this decision will be revoked promptly, but the Brexit fiasco does not fill me with any hope.

Mr L Brook

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Overwhelming desire to leave EU

Regarding the European elections on May 23, Theresa May is said to be resigned to the embarrassment – and the £100m cost to the taxpayers.

I am quite sure a better way could be found to spend £100m! This is complete folly on a grand scale. We are in the grip of Westminster lunacy.

I do believe there is an overwhelming desire now to leave the EU. The hopes of so many countries and people have been destroyed by a project which seems doomed by obsessive narrow-minded objectives over-riding democracy.

David Pearson

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No stopping the China dream

In 1992 our foundation first started monitoring China and its economic growth. We concluded that perceived elitism is ignorance and a road to declining wealth and prosperity for us all in the West.

Time will tell, but the Chinese dream is now destined to take the world by storm for the next few centuries, at least through ignorance of those that rule us.

This unfortunately is predestined now through “the Belt and Road Initiative” – and where the Chinese will definitely take no economic prisoners other than to economically enslave them of course in global terms.

It is time therefore that our politicians got a sense of reality and what is on the horizon!

Dr David Hill

Worldwide Innovation 


Trump should address MPs

Although I am not a great admirer of Donald Trump, he is the elected leader of our greatest ally and should be recognised in this capacity on his forthcoming visit to the UK.

Whilst not expecting him to be coach-driven down the Mall, I do think he should be invited to address Parliament and be greeted with courtesy by members in view of his status.

Her Majesty is hosting a banquet in his honour so it also can be regarded as a “minor” state visit – just so long as he keeps his nose out of Brexit.

Edna Levi

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Take a break from social media

Social media... I’ve lived my life in that bubble and out of it as well.

I can tell you unequivocally that life is far better out of it.

Competing for likes and shares in cyberspace, squabbling over politics, sport, and even relationships, is stressful... and addictive.

Try a social media detox and you will love it, not least because hours of your time will be freed up each week.

Returning to life outside the goldfish bowl of digital public scrutiny is a welcome relief.

And please heed this warning, social media can have a far worse negative impact on children, not least over bullying and the aforementioned addiction.

Julie Moss