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24th Blackpool Scouts celebrate Pancake Day
24th Blackpool Scouts celebrate Pancake Day
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A flipping marvellous way to mark Mardi Gras

The Beavers Scouts of the 24th Blackpool Colony transformed themselves by designing and wearing some colourful masks, with some typical Brazilian music, to get a flavour of the Mardi Gras.

It was a way of learning how other countries celebrate the end of Epiphany and the day before Ash Wednesday.

It marks a new year before we enter the period known in many churches as the season of Lent.

In the church community we call it Shrove Tuesday, but it is also known as Pancake Day or Fat Tuesday.

So the Beaver Scouts not only learnt a bit more about how some religious festivals are celebrated globally, but also enjoyed a bit of arts and crafts, which will go towards more of their challenge badges. All of this will eventually lead to the Chief Scout Bronze Award for Beaver Scouts.

Importance of taking part

As the largest volunteer co-educational movement in the country and worldwide, Scouting has an amazing impact on our community.

So when we get and are given the opportunities to participate in local and national issues, the Scout movement actively takes part.

Last year we attended health forums and a ‘three sectors gathering’.

Over the next few weeks you will see Scouting committed to being involved and participating in gatherings such as the Blackpool Youth Summit organised by UR Potential, World Women Day at the Winter Gardens , and the Blackpool Pride Events in June, plus so many more great community days.

Ramping up the holiday fun

Get your skates on!

7th Blackpool Cubs and Scouts enjoyed a visit to Coast Riders Roller Rink and Ramp City, on Cropper Road in Blackpool, during the half-term holidays.

The youngsters tried out some roller skating as a half term treat – and even got to grips with the limbo while wearing their roller skates.

A great time was had by all with plenty of laughter.

And four youngsters from the Cub section had the privilege of being invested at the rink.

A spokesman said: “What a fab evening we’ve had.

“It’s a great activity to go towards the hobbies badge.”

Scouting isn’t always about awards, it’s also about engaging with your peers, having a great time, meeting new friends, gaining new experiences, which would probably not happen if you weren’t in Scouting week by week, weekend by weekend.