Politically Correct by Jake Adams - November 25, 2015

Blackpool Member of the Youth Parliament Jake Adams
Blackpool Member of the Youth Parliament Jake Adams
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Young people ensuring their voices are heard

The Blackpool 2015 Make Your Mark Campaign will surely shape the future for Blackpool’s youth.

On August 12 Blackpool Youth Voice launched its Make Your Mark Campaign which ran until October 9.

Make Your Mark is the United Kingdom Youth Parliament ballot paper for the public youth voice to have their say on what is debated by their MYP’s in the House of Commons every year.

Blackpool Youth Voice previously ran the campaign in 2014 with the voices of 4,872 Blackpool young people heard. This year we managed to achieve an outstanding 8,893 votes from the young people of Blackpool which is something we’re very proud of.

On this year’s ballot paper there were 10 key issues for young people to vote on: votes at 16; a curriculum to prepare us for life; the end of austerity and child poverty; transport; climate change; mental health; fund our youth services don’t cut them; the living wage; tackling racism, and extended special needs support.

The top three results, which our young people of Blackpool felt most passionately about were the living wage with 1,349 votes, a curriculum to prepare us for life with 1,129 votes and transport with 1,052 votes.

Blackpool has 13,761 young people within the age ranges of 11 to 18 years old.

The 8,893 young people who voted gave Blackpool an overall turnout of 64 per cent.

This amazing result has ranked Blackpool the highest in the country for turnout for Make Your Mark.

In the previous year we had a turnout rate of 35 per cent and this year we’ve managed to up our turnout by 29 per cent, also ranking us in seventh place for most improved in the country.

It makes a change that Blackpool is now top of the league tables in a positive light!

The campaign this year has been an amazing success and myself and Blackpool Youth Voice cannot wait to run it again next year.

We would like to thank all the schools and youth groups that took part in the campaign and say a huge thank you to all the young people who voted.

Summit to air youth views

Following the success of this year’s Make Your Mark campaign Blackpool Youth Voice have decide it’s time to hold a youth summit inviting young people, MPs, key decision makers and councillors to attend.

During the summit we will be discussing the success of Make Your Mark and how this will shape the way Blackpool can support young people in the town.

We’re hoping to hold a ‘Question Time’ like scenario with a panel consisting of myself, Jake Adams MYP, and key political and senior representatives.

We have provisionally set the date for the second week in February 2016.

Over the coming months Blackpool Youth Voice will be promoting this event and prompting all young people with a real passion for making Blackpool a better place to attend this event.

It will be amazing if we can get a real true representation from the young people of this town.

The success of this year’s Make Your Mark shows us that the young people are ready for change.

They want to make Blackpool a fairer place for all.

Changing town for the better

Blackpool Youth Voice (BYV) is the youth council for Blackpool.

It provides a platform for ensuring young people have their voices heard, and gives young people a fantastic opportunity to have a say on issues and decisions affecting them and their lives.

It is run by young people for young people. They work on national and regional campaigns as well as focusing on local young people’s issues.

The group is supported by UR Potential. Members use their voices in creative ways, to bring about social change, enabling young people to use their energy and passion to change Blackpool for the better.

BYV also has an elected member of Youth Parliament (MYP) that represents the group at regional events and nationally within the House of Commons. Blackpool Youth Voice meets every other Wednesday and is open to young people aged 11-19. To get involved contact UR Potential on 01253 344398 or email youthsupport@urpotential.co.uk