Police go to Blackpool school to hunt out vandals

Junction of Ambleside Road with Langdale Road
Junction of Ambleside Road with Langdale Road

Police are waging war against pintsized yobs after a spate of attacks in Mereside.

Officers say anti-social behaviour reports have increased in the area - including throwing bricks at vehicle and climbing on roofs.

PC Anna Wagstaff said: “There has been an increased number of calls regarding anti-social behaviour on Mereside.

“This has included groups of youths throwing stones and bricks at buses and cars, climbing on roofs and smashing windows.

“The Neighbourhood Policing Team have been given a number of names and we will be visiting parents in due course.

“There is CCTV footage on-board all Blackpool Transport buses and we will be taking the footage in to local schools to try to identify the offenders.

“We also work closely in partnership with Blackpool Costal Housing and if any of their tenants are identified as being involved it could affect their tenancy.

“Parents please be aware of what your children are doing when out in the evenings.

“We will not tolerate this kind of behaviour and offenders will be dealt with robustly.”

The post on Blackpool Police’s Facebook page prompted scores of responses.

Durrell Scott said: “I live on Mereside and I don’t let my oldest out because I don’t want him to get in the wrong crowd.”

Kathy Smith said: “I reported stones being thrown at my home and neighbours homes last night. I reported it to the police giving names and linked addresses for the culprit kids to be told a car would be sent once in the area. No police car ever turned up.”

And Kathleen Mawman said: “These incidents need to be followed through till you reach the core of these mindless idiots.”