Livewire - September 6, 2013

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Blackpool is one of the three most fondly remembered destinations for childhood memories – says online travel giant TripAdvisor.

Blackpool, Cornwall and the Isle of Wight topped the holiday league for the way we were.

Half of parents surveyed said they revisited their favourite childhood holiday haunt with their own children; 63 per cent of those parents adding they came specifically to share the happy memories.

More than 60 per cent said their children enjoyed the experience as much as they had – with going to the beach, exploring rock pools, eating icecream and visiting the fun fair topping the list.

What’s more Blackpool is still giving magic memories to young and old alike.

Jack Eaves, of Grasmere, here with his four year old son James, and wife Sarah, says: “I was raised in Workington and Morecambe was as good as it got for us – until dad discovered Blackpool.

“He was a musician and worked the clubs for a season and got a flat here with two other guys. I think they had a whale of a time because he never wanted to go anywhere else after that.

“We would see the shows because he always had a mate who could get us in. But as kids me and my brother loved the Pleasure Beach and The Tower lift best of all – followed by the beach. Morecambe had the better view but it was wasted on us living in the area.”

James is already a chip off the old block. He likes the Pleasure Beach and Blackpool Zoo – and the beach. “I lost my bucket and spade because I left them on the sand and when I went back this morning they were gone. Mummy said a mermaid must have taken them. “

He plans to investigate 
before the firework display.

“Daddy says there are mermaids in the Lights so we will go along and see if one of them has my bucket and spade tonight. They are blue.”

Jimmy Marsden, 79, and wife Mavis, of Padiham, say they have brought children and grandchildren to Blackpool for the Illuminations since first becoming parents more than 50 years ago. “We draw the line at great grandchildren,” says Mrs Marsden. “We have memories enough!”