Livewire - October 12, 2011

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By Robert Whiteside, of Mirfield, West Yorkshire

As a motorhomer and former Sandgrownun, I would like to put over my view about parking on Princes Way, Anchorsholme.

Most of us are retired and enjoy coming to Anchorsholme for the sea view, Cleveleys and Blackpool and spending in local shops.

Why force motorhomers to go somewhere else and spend their money? Cleveleys has a few empty shops and its share of charity shops.

Why don’t Blackpool Council become one of the first in the UK to create a dedicated area as in France, where there are facilities in every village? All we need is a fresh water tap and a waste disposal point and a tap just for the waste point.

Modern motorhomes do not use primus stoves as they have hobs and cookers. I even take my toilet waste home. We keep the area tidy as we were brought up in the 50s and 60s and taught to keep Britain tidy. I went out picking up litter and barbecues that car owners had left, as I knew motorhomers would get the blame. Motorhomers also pick up their dog waste unlike some locals I saw in Anchorsholme Park and along the prom and beach.

A minority of motorhomers drop sink waste on the road and this is unacceptable, as indeed was a caravan pitched up on the prom.

After 11.30pm, most motorhomers are tucked up in bed and there is no anti-social behaviour. Would they like us replaced with new age travellers instead?

Blackpool Council wants to ban the parking at the north end of Princes Way and I fully agree as these are near houses. Most park their cars in front of the park wall, so not to upset locals. We buy food in Cleveleys at Lidl or Aldi and use takeaways and local shops. We stop about five days when the weather is nice and are no bother to anyone.

Many bring bikes and it is a great place for cycling. Why not have designated parking spots for fishermen so we are all happy? We do not use hotels, we have a dog and I am also free to smoke and do what I want in my motorhome, an extension of my home. We pay more road tax than cars.

Princes Way under the wall needs a full revamp before parking restrictions are put in and that would cost taxpayers a fortune. But with 61,000 motorhomers on one website, and 15,000 more on another, and a lot now going to France as they welcome them, I say: come on Blackpool, welcome motorhomers and we will bring some money in to keep the council tax down and your shops open.