Livewire - March 14, 2013

Blackpool Councillor  Coun Lily Henderson
Blackpool Councillor Coun Lily Henderson
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By Coun Lily Henderson of South Shore

What joy! Two reasons to be glad...

Newspapers morning and night clattering through the letter box and a ring on the doorbell last night – would I like my milk delivered to my doorstep?

Would I ever?!

Hail to a fight back by the small self employed people who for many years had made up a great part of my wonderful adopted town

My parents’ ambition when children were grown up was to buy a small boarding house in Blackpool.

We wanted to live in the place where each year since I was born a family holiday of one week took place.

They did and I arranged to spend two weeks helping them settle in.

Now here I am, 64 years later, still as much in love with the place – good times or bad.

And I hope that this one small step – on my part and that of others – means that the spirit that has always been Blackpool is still alive and kicking.

We do need investment in the town to bring some businesses - not always tourism important as it is to the town.

And while apprenticeships are a move in the right direction many of our unemployed are no nearer to having work, independence and being proud of themselves and a reason to get up in the morning. I am not important and while at 86 I am lucky I still have a lot to offer we all need to put Blackpool and its people first.

Whenever possible we should make sure that after being educated here our children (in my case great-grandchildren) have a reason to return here after school, academy, college, university.

They will help us keep Blackpool at number one.

And with a good standard living they can, as I have done, feel blessed to be part of the town.

Everyone cannot and even does not want to own their own business.

But it’s right that we should support those who do.

We should look out for people to come here and make them welcome.
We should invest to assist the ones who only want to work and earn a good living.

Times are hard and not only in our country.

But if you need cheering up just think about my small newsagent and now my new milkman.

Take heart in the very fact that they are keeping the faith in our town and its local economy.

It’s certainly made me feel a lot better.

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