Liverwire - June 14, 2013

Dave Evans
Dave Evans
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By Dave Evans

As a Sandgrown’un I was fascinated with this area and its surprisingly rich heritage.

While Blackpool as we know it, compared to the Chesters and Yorks of this world, isn’t that old, it does have a hidden tapestry of pre-history and a wealth of more recent stories too, many of which are of world class importance and relevance.

So when I heard via Blackpool Civic Trust there was to be a heritage based band of volunteers that could not only help me to learn more about our local past, but enthuse others it seemed too good an opportunity to miss. I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

Since then, not only have I found out far more than I would ever have thought possible about this town and continue to do so on an almost daily basis, but I have met many others who are similarly interested and enthusiastic. It has even led to me becoming nationally recognised and fully accredited heritage tour guide, with excellent support and training from the council and the volunteer centre.

With their continued support it means Blackpool’s incredible unique and world class heritage can be better safeguarded. The council’s purchase of the Tower and the Winter Gardens for the town is complemented by the efforts of respective heritage champions and heritage guides.

I would certainly suggest that anyone interested in the town’s heritage, whether in architecture, entertainment or elsewhere, seriously considers joining us. You never know how far it will take you, what you might discover or how enjoyable it can all be. Making that first inquiry definitely was one of my better decisions. It’s not only interesting but great fun.

Time and again I have found so many people who love this town so much and what it has given them over the years. This is a simple and effective way of giving something back. What better way of celebrating Blackpool’s heritage than by becoming part of it?

n To learn more about becoming a community heritage volunteer or support or other projects contact Kelly Walker, project co-ordinator, on (01253) 301004.