Letters - Thursday, January 16, 2020

Smart motorway
Smart motorway
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I’ve seen the dangers  of smart motorways

There has been an ongoing debate about ‘smart motorways’.

As a twice daily user of one, I have experienced the dangers of these sections of the motorway.

I was driving on one, in the inside lane, when the commercial vehicle in front of me pulled out into the second lane without signalling.

As the lorry moved over, I saw a stationary car in the live lane, right in front of me.

There was no opportunity to move into the next lane because of traffic moving fast without a gap.

I had no option but to stop quickly behind the stationary car.

I was very lucky that no one ran into the back of my car.

After some minutes, I was able to move out.

This situation has happened to me three times in the last year, and I am fortunate to be alive to tell you what happened.

There were no warnings on the overhead signs.

There is obviously a delay in giving drivers a warning.

During this delay, accidents are happening and people are being killed.

Smart motorways are dangerous and should be scrapped.

Andrew Jeffery

Address supplied


Boris must be utterly bongers!

The PM is under the impression that people may be willing to pay out £500,000 for the currently silent Big Ben, to sound the death knells at our exit from the European Union at the end of January. If he believes that, he must be BONGERS!

Denis Lee



Shopping smart

to save the planet

We all know by now that fast fashion is bad for the environment as well as our wallets so the RSPCA is encouraging people to shop second hand to save the planet, help us rescue more animals and save some pennies this January.

We have launched a Charity Shop Challenge asking people to commit to wearing one second hand item from a charity shop every day for a week, whether that’s a pair of boots, a scarf, a tie, or a whole outfit. The items can be an old purchase or a new one and those taking part in the challenge can take a selfie in the shop or at home and post it with the hashtag #RSPCAMyStyle.

Charity shops are a treasure chest of fantastic outfits and not only does your purchase help a cause close to your heart but it also curbs the tide of disposable fashion.

The Charity Retail Association estimates each charity shop saves 29 tonnes of textiles from going into landfill each year, and with over 300 RSPCA charity shops that’s around 8,700 tonnes saved - the equivalent to over 1,200 African elephants!

We hope our lovely supporters and animal lovers will pop into an RSPCA charity shop with the knowledge that buying a second hand top, shoes or dress helps us care for dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and reptiles in need!

The Charity Shop Challenge runs from January 20-26 and supports the RSPCA branches across England and Wales who rely on generous donations from animal lovers to help care for thousands of animals.

Jenny Eden

RSPCA Retail Specialist.


What can we expect next?

Now that Harry and Meghan have decided to leave the Royal family and seek to make their way in the real world, no doubt we can look forward to seeing Harry on Strictly and Meghan on I’m A Celebrity...

Phil Cray

via email


BBC is the best

in the world

Please stop bashing the BBC. It is still the Best Broadcasting Company in the world.

It costs less than £3 per week per household which is excellent value for money.

Mike Turner

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