Letters - September 4, 2015

Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change, Andrea Leadsom. She has written a piece supporting fracking
Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change, Andrea Leadsom. She has written a piece supporting fracking
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Study shows flaw in shale gas claims

In response to the article from the energy minister, Andrea Leadsom (Gazette, September 1), she says shale gas extraction will be good for us and our energy needs in the future. I think, however, we need to know what lessons her department have learned from the United States.

Also what, if any, lessons she has learned about climate change, fossil fuel and why the government here is so desperate to prioritise shale gas over renewable energy?

Maybe, as a new minister, she is not yet on top of her brief and has not read her department’s recent research that shows public surveys are closer to favouring renewable energy than fossil fuels. The Department for Energy and Climate Change’s latest survey shows that between 65 per cent and 81 per centof the UK public support wind and solar power. Even when respondents were asked if they would be happy with large scale developments in their area: support for renewables does not fall far, with 55 per cent still in favour.

Support for onshore wind is 65 per cent, more than three times that for shale gas at only 21 per cent.

DECC did not ask the respondents if they would like nuclear reactors or shale gas extraction in their neighbourhood. No doubt these low percentages in favour of shale or nuclear would fall even further if they had asked!

The government’s need for local authorities to speed up the decisions on shale permits is insidious, without Ms Leadsom trying to soften us up for over ruling the democratic wishes of the people!

Roy Lewis

Haddon Road


Coach station really lets Blackpool down

I have been reading the feedback about the coach station. I had a national card when I used to get the coach from the coach station in Blackpool, which was very handy. All it needed was to be done up – it could have been nice.

I went down to Norwich to visit friends, and their bus station puts ours to shame, it was spotless. So I’ll not be going from the one down South Shore again.

Mrs J Watson

Kingston Mews

Thornton Cleveleys


Labour are not to blame for this mess

In reply to Gordon McCann (Your View, August 29) I would remind him that, like all Tories, he loves playing the blame game.

May I remind him that the last recession was international and nothing to do with the Labour government. In fact, Alistair Darling and Gordon Brown were coming out of it.

Sadly, piles of Tory propaganda and untruths convinced the public that it was Labour’s fault. Well, Mr McCann, the truth will out, making you and your Tory party look stupid.

In 1945, this country was in a huge mess, a Labour government was duly elected and built its way out of trouble.

All Osbourne and Cameron are doing is swinging the wrecking ball and destroying my country.

I have never in my entire life seen anything like this government – Thatcher was bad, but this lot are so far to the right it is unbelievable.

The Tories have sold all the family silver to the fat cats (Tory friends), then put them in the House of Lords.

Well I can tell you now the British public are sick and tired of Tory lies – you will not win in 2020.

Peter Elliott

Palatine Road



Spirits were lifted by young volunteers

A month ago, I was invited to meet Blackpool Team 27 of the Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service – The Princes Trust volunteers.

This is a yearly invite, and I have only missed once from when I was elected on the fire brigade committee many years ago.

I was feeling down, unusually for me, as I don’t normally have the time feeling sorry for myself.

I listened to all the young people giving a short speech on what made them decide to apply to go on this hard course, the things they had learned from their tutors (our committed firefighters), and their hopes for a better future.

Families sat and, like me, learned more and felt better than when we first went into the room.

Thank you to them and a special thank-you for Blackpool Fire Service, who for a good many years have carried out this wonderful scheme, which helps youngsters go home with their hard-won certificates, hopefully to find a better life and a job.

Perhaps some who employ in the town could receive an invite, and if they need staff I promise you those young people are looking for a chance to put to use what they have learned.

Coun Lily Henderson MBE

Highfield Ward