Letters - September 25, 2018

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Tory rule means our kids living in poverty

The Social Metrics Commission report, measuring poverty for the UK, is effectively a damning criticism of the policies of the Tory administration since 2010.

Tory cuts to tax credits, and in particular cuts to support for low-income families with more than two children, have suggested that more than a million more children will be in poverty by 2022.

If you are poor while of working age, you are unlikely to be able to save up much in the way of liquid assets to retire on.

Given the figures, it is not surprising that food banks have soared.

Benefit delays at 24 per cent and benefit changes at 18 per cent are among the highest reasons for referral to food banks.

Tory Britain has become a low-pay economy, both in the public sector and in the zero-hours contract, agency-working, gig-economy private sector.

Meanwhile the super rich are coining it like never before.

Over 7.6 million children of those in poverty live in persistent poverty, meaning they have spent most of the last four years or more in that situation.

Britain urgently needs a pay and benefits rise and that means driving the Tories out of office and electing a Corbyn-led Labour government.

Royston Jones



We need second referendum now

Forget deal or no deal regarding Brexit. The real issue facing the UK is the economic harm that leaving the Single Market will cause.

A second referendum is therefore needed now, not least by Theresa May herself, for four reasons: economics; politics; fairness and her place in history.

Firstly, economics. Leaving the Single Market will lead to price inflation, causing further falls in sterling and resulting in increased uncertainty, unemployment and negative growth at a time when the UK has no proper trade deals in place.

This instability will force many institutions abroad, or out of business, leading to a fall in GDP and therefore the tax base by around £80bn (according to the Treasury), thus leaving a major shortfall in revenue for public services, not least the NHS.

Secondly, politics. This self-harm will be difficult for May to manage if she survives internal coups. Voters will blame her Government for the mess, thereby resulting in a Labour-led coalition, under which borrowing, debt and inflation would worsen.

Next, fairness. Most who voted for Brexit did so in the misguided belief it would lead to less foreign workers and more fiscal revenue for public services. Since then, the real costs and opportunity costs of leaving the EU have become clearer, leading to second thoughts and the realisation by many Brexit voters that they were sold a pup by grubby politicians.

Lastly, the Prime Minister’s place in history. May knows the logical response to this fiasco is to hold another referendum, but feels constrained by her own party. However, as PM, her first duty is to the people of the UK, which is all about making difficult decisions.

If then she holds a second referendum, regardless of the result, she will be regarded as a genuine leader who did the right thing; if not, she will be forever seen as a listless figure who had neither the strength nor foresight to step back from the brink, and who did nothing as the UK slid into years of decline.

Will kemp

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Respecting the vote of majority

Vince Cable needs reminding that democracy means respecting the majority vote, not seeking to undermine and overturn the result of the referendum, the only ‘people’s vote’ that counts, because he isn’t happy with the outcome.
After every general election, should we have a re-run so the aggrieved losers can try to get the result they want?

It appears that Mr Cable’s assertion that the Liberal Democrats respect people of different views and creeds doesn’t extend to those who voted for Brexit.

It sounds more like an illiberal dictatorship than Liberal Democracy to me.

Derrick Bond

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Not carrying on much longer?

I note that the Politically Correct Brigade are now calling for a ban on the screening of ‘Carry On’ films.

Oooh Matron!

MArtin Phillips

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