Letters - September 24, 2018

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Is ‘neoliberalism’ to blame for world’s ills?

I have often wondered when modern society started to go wrong, when we – or should I say those in power – began to worship money and power to such an extent, they are destroying our environment and wildlife habitats by building to excess.

Roads, empty ‘retail outlets’, housing – as long as it’s concrete, it will get the go-ahead.

Even when it defies logic.

Is this what I have seen referred to as ‘neoliberalism’?

Which, simply put, sounds like an extreme and darker version of capitalism?

Is this the name of the religion which the powers-that-be worship?

Profit is a demanding god, wanting sacrifices of the most vulnerable and poor.

The love of profit seems to be leading to the lack of compassion and an increase in isolation, low wages, job insecurity and unemployment. By closing banks and bus services, we isolate the older and more vulnerable members of our communities.

Yet this will, no doubt, be seen as ‘progress’ and ‘capitalism’.

Not everyone has access to the internet or can drive... but who cares in this brave new world of neoliberalism? When it comes to profit, only the strongest may survive and thrive.

But what hope? Donald Trump appears to be one of its biggest disciples and the people of the USA voted him in as President. And then we voted in the Tories.

And yet politicians will pay lip service to issues such as mental illness and suicide. But why not look at the issues behind the rise in depression and anxiety as well?

Poverty? Isolation? Job insecurity?

The current trend for identity politics and self-obsession is a wonderful thing for those in power.

Divide and rule, make it a case of ‘them’ and ‘us’ and people will be distracted by other matters.

Molly Clare

Via email


We are not living in the same country

Royston Jones says we should replace the Tory government with a Labour government in order to secure housing for all.

Is he talking about the current Labour party - the one now supported by the communist party - the one supported by elements of the KKK and the BNP? Really?

Is this the same Labour that would continue to allow unlimited immigration and “free” movement into this country - thus putting even more pressure on our countryside and housing.

If I remember correctly, the UK is actually - in size - a small nation.

So “which” UK are you living in Mr Jones?

Not mine, that’s for sure.

Mr P Webberley



I’m not unhappy... just frustrated!

Having reached the good old age of 80, and let me say I don’t like it, I realise I was born too soon.

Needing a new mobile phone, one I could understand, I asked my daughter if she’d get me one, she came home saying the man in the shop said this one is for old people and idiots (nice). I’m still having problems.

Then needing a telephone number I got the phone book out, no number listed. Our Lynne said “mum no-one uses that book, they just Google it.”

Then needing a call to the doctors it was, do you know you can save time by going to www...

If there are any more people my age, struggling to get through each day, I’m not unhappy just frustrated la la!!

Betty Ridgway



Memories came flooding back

I have recently acquired a copy of ‘Images of Blackpool’.

The last words on the back cover say “Promises to jog the memory of people of all ages”.

Well, it certainly did for me. I was born in Blackpool in 1929 at 134 Preston Old Road, moving to 140 when my father could not afford the rent.

I attended Baines Endowed, failed my 11+ before moving to Tyldesley Secondary Modern. I left there at 14.

My first job was at W Major Routledge, Chemist on Church Street. Then night school for O-Levels, Preston Harris Institute for A-Levels and then Bradford university for a pharmacy degree.

All the images before 1954 (which is when I left for National Service and settlement in Cheshire), brought everything flooding back.

John Wilkinson

Disley, Cheshire


Don’t tread on my freedom of speech

I’ve just seen conservative preacher Franklin Graham was not banned from the UK - despite the efforts of many social media warriors to de-platform him for his views.

I am writing this before he was due to speak, but I don’t agree with much he says.

However we still (thank God) live in a pluralistic democracy with (some) freedom of speech and we would all be the poorer if we don’t allow people like him to say their piece, no matter how ‘off message’ it may be.

Nathan Skelly

North Shore