Letters - September 20, 2017

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UK’s elderly can only dream of comfy life

So ex-prisoner and cabinet minister Jonathan Aitken has come up with the idea to release loads of prisoners from our jails to ease the overcrowding.

According to him and a high-powered judge, about 7,000 places are needed and they are proposing to release certain categories of inmates, such as people who have committed minor infractions in their release conditions, and perhaps older prisoners and prisoners in ill health.

So once all these places are made available and the 7,000 places filled, that brings it back to where it began – full prisons.

One category of prisoner I would include in this idea are foreign nationals who have been allowed to settle in Britain and decide to commit crimes.

Instead of paying thousands to keep them in prison, they should be sent back to their own country and never allowed back into Britain.

Also capital punishment should be brought back.

One reason it was stopped was because mistakes were being made and innocent people were being convicted but, in such cases as Lee Rigby’s killers, where there is no doubt of their guilt, this is an open and shut case 
where no mistake would be made.

It would save thousands of pounds a year keeping them in comfort with three square meals a day, clean clothes, warmth. This comfortable life is something a lot of Britain’s elderly can only dream of.

Dave M



Last gig in square this summer

I will be back in Blackpool this forthcoming Saturday between 11am - 4pm to perform my last outdoor gig in St John’s Square this summer for Trinity Hospice.

Over the past three summers we have proudly raised in excess of £12,000 for Trinity Hospice. Live music presented in St John’s Square is positive for Blackpool - it gives the town a cultured metropolitan vibe.

My personal thanks to all the musicians who have volunteered their time and supported these enjoyable events. Also thanks for the co-operation shown from Blackpool BID and the businesses located around St John’s/Cedar Square. The cups of coffee and sandwiches offered to the team of volunteers has been greatly appreciated.

Fortunately this year we have not been ‘hit’ by the seagulls, pigeons or parking attendants!

STephen Pierre



Parking ticket was unlucky for some

They say 13 is unlucky, well it was for me when I parked my car on Bonny Street Car Park last week.

On September 13, I purchased a £10 ticket, which would allow me to park for eight hours and would have expired at 4.43pm. I placed the ticket in my tax disc holder for safe keeping and for all to see, then off I went on my business.

When I returned at 12.30pm to collect some items from my car, I noticed a Penalty Charge Notice affixed to the centre of my windscreen. For a moment I thought I’d gone to the wrong car, but no, it was defiantly my car and on opening the bright yellow plastic PCN it appeared to be for my car. It was a bit of a shock to my system but obviously a terrible mistake.

The following day I contacted Blackpool Council I was told to follow the appeal procedure. After I protested against this I was then told the PCN would be cancelled from immediate effect I received no explanation or apology for their mistake.

I think the person who issued the ticket should have gone to that well-known Spec Shop.

Barry Carr

Rossall Gate


Invite Dyson to conferences

Having just listened to Sir James Dyson, founder of one of the most successful international British manufacturing companies and one which educates its own engineers, at its own cost, to university degree level, commenting on the intransigence of the negotiators representing the EU, I now have no doubts that it was the correct decision to leave the EU.

He made it quite clear, that UK manufacturing companies will be far better off trading around the world, including Europe, under the established world trading rules. Could I suggest therefore, that he be invited to speak at the forthcoming Labour party conference? Some chance so I put the same question to the Conservative Party as they, too, seem unable to convince some of its MPs, and supporters, about the benefits and practicalities of leaving Europe.

David Downs



Growing up with 
a ridiculous name

On purchasing OK Magazine, these names are all celebrities’ children: Bear, Jet, Bunny, Bluebell, North, Saint, Princess Honey, India, Willow, Kit, Klay and Kai.

Why on earth would you want them to grow up with these?

B Wilkinson

Via email