Letters - September 19, 2019

Should the food giants have more responsibility for saving the rainforest?
Should the food giants have more responsibility for saving the rainforest?
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Food giants must do more for the rainforest

It is unacceptable that McDonald’s, KFC, and Burger King are irresponsibly standing by while the beautiful Amazon goes up in flames so that more land can be used to sell cattle and soya for profit.

Amazon rain forests are literally the lungs of the planet. If they are turned into the world’s largest cattle ranch and soya farm, it will cause more irreversible damage to our already fragile planet.

The world’s biggest food brands have the power and influence to take a stand against the relentless greed of the Brazilian government.

What in God’s merciful name are they waiting for? In short, either we have the total courage of our convictions or everything that we know and care about will be lost.

Aled Jones

Address supplied


Please help town’s Street Poppies

Please help us sponsor ‘The 2019 Street Poppy Initiative for Poulton’.

Each large 18”(45 cm) Event Poppy that is sponsored, will be attached to lampposts, bollards, and railings etc within Poulton town centre to help raise awareness of this year’s special Poppy Appeal – 80 years since the outbreak of the Second World War and 75 years since the D-Day Landings in Normandy, France.

The suggested donation for each Street Poppy is only £3, but it is entirely up to you what you would like to donate.

All donations will go to The Royal British Legion.

Grahame P Benbow

Poppy Appeal Organiser


I’ll work to stop Universal Credit

New research from the Trussell Trust shows the longer Universal Credit exists in an area, the higher the need for food banks.

This latest shocking data from the Trussell Trust clearly shows that Universal Credit is forcing people to turn to food banks to survive, despite ministers’ repeated efforts to explain away any link.

It is completely wrong for people to be left waiting five weeks or more for a first payment.

Advances are not the answer; they are loans that have to be paid back, pushing people further into debt and leaving them vulnerable to scams.

If elected as our first ever local MP I will vote to stop the roll out of Universal Credit and ensure that our social security system lifts people out of poverty and supports any one of us in our time of need.

Chris Webb

Labour’s Candidate for

Blackpool North & Cleveleys


First aid at school can make difference

You never know how you would act in an emergency, yet our actions could save a life.

This is why I think it’s fantastic that, after 10 years of campaigning by the British Red Cross, it will be compulsory for first aid skills to be taught in all state schools in England from 2020. It’s an impactful way to give young people the confidence they need to help someone.

As parents, Ben and I are so thrilled our children will be able to learn these important skills so that they never feel completely helpless in an emergency situation.

It’s also a relief knowing that if anything were to happen to them in the future, more people might be able to help.

So many women I know, especially those weaning their babies, are terrified of the possibility of their child choking. But children learning first aid could make all the difference if one of their younger siblings was choking at home.

This new legislation, however, is just for schools in England. At the moment teaching first aid in schools in the rest of the UK is optional. We support the British Red Cross’s calls for it to become a compulsory part of the curriculum throughout the UK so all school children get the same chance to learn how to save a life.

Marina Fogle