Letters - September 10, 2019

Is there cause for concern here? See letter from Rachel Brown
Is there cause for concern here? See letter from Rachel Brown
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Let’s build a transport network to be proud of

In the wake of Blackpool being allocated up to £25m as part of the government ‘Towns Fund’, improved transport must be considered.

Earlier this year Trams to Lytham called for some of the fund to be designated towards development and feasibility work for expansion of the light rail system to link with the South Fylde Line, and we now repeat that call.

A local rail service serving the entirety of the Fylde coast is too much of an important opportunity to pass up. Years of promises and proposals must now come to a head, starting with

discussions and meetings between all relevant parties including community groups, local authorities and MPs.

High on the agenda of such discussions must be how light and heavy rail plans can interact along the corridor without compromising each other. We strongly believe there are solutions that could be universally agreed upon even by those who have been the most sceptical of our campaign, they just need to be brought into the open and compromises made.

Of course there is currently uncertainty surrounding the situation in Westminster, but we hope that the allocation is delivered despite this. Regardless, local discussions must be had as soon as possible to find the best way of taking plans forward. Trams to Lytham want to pioneer these discussions firstly by forming a more formalised association in the near future.

Let’s get the light rail revolution started and build a transport network that present and future generations can be proud of.

Sam Flynn

Trams to Lytham and Light Rail Transit Association


Army to take over our town halls?

Following Boris Johnson surrounding himself with a cabinet of cronies and yes-men and purging Tory MPs who disagree with him there has been much use of the word “coup”.

Most people associate this with armed troops and military vehicles on the streets and will dismiss it, but at the same time little attention has been paid to the full implications of the leaked document ‘Operation Yellowhammer’ which was published by the government in August.

The ramifications of the plans contained therein are extraordinary. To fill the thousands of currently non-existent civil service posts required to implement a no deal Brexit, thousands of local government officials will be relocated to Whitehall, London. So who will run the town and country halls in their absence? The Yellowhammer document proposes that members of the armed forces will be drafted in to take over local government posts. At least one senior army officer has expressed concern about this, pointing out that this will mean putting soldiers in jobs for which they lack the required literacy and numeracy. How they will manage to calculate council tax or provide children’s services remains to be seen, unless Boris has something else in mind for them to do.

John Prance

via email


Boris failing to fill Winston’s shoes

The belligerent bellowings of Boris Johnson in Parliament and elsewhere, appear to be a Churchillian impersonation on his part.

By rhetorically delivering claims of no surrender or dying in ditches rather than beaches, he hopes to convince the electorate to back his no-deal Brexit.

Perhaps he needs reminding that we are not at war with Europe. His brother doesn’t think so, or would he regard him as a quisling now?

Churchill’s famous victory salute, in the hands of Boris, has turned into a more popular interpreted gesture, given his contempt of Parliamentary procedures.

Does Nicholas Soames I wonder, believe that the PM has taken over the mantle of his Grandfather?

Denis Lee



Hedgehogs do not sunbathe

I saw (the above photograph) posted on Instagram. I run a hedgehog rescue in Norfolk and ask that you please contact the picture taker and advise that these babies need urgent intervention.

If they are out in daylight they are ill.

They will not survive if left alone.

Rachel Brown

via email