Letters - September 1, 2015

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Great news for

What great news that Strictly Come Dancing is returning to Blackpool once more as part of the new series (Gazette August 28).

This show is one of the best things on television - it is family friendly, demonstrates the talent of the brilliant dancers and great fun.

All round excellent entertainment!

And to have one of the programmes broadcast from the stunning Tower Ballroom is the icing on the cake.

The dancers and celebrities all say it is their favourite venue and Blackpool gets the benefit of being showcased to millions of television viewers.

There are lots of bad things said about our town in the national media, but Strictly demonstrates Blackpool is top of the tree when it comes to ballroom dancing.




Will electric locos ever reach resort?

As an ex-railway man I cannot believe what I read in The Gazette this week about no 25hv electric trains to Blackpool because of that company again, Balfour Beatty.

They closed the airport, how did they get the sea wall job at Cleveleys and Rossall?

Will electric locos reach Blackpool in my lifetime, or will the Co-op or Box Brothers (funeral directors) train get me first.

Mr R. Armstrong

Cherry Tree Road



We don’t need any more new hotels

For how many years has this town talked about getting a conference centre?

But that seems to be in the past now.

Now there are plans to build new hotels.

But I am sure many people will agree there are too many hotels already that are empty on the front and that need attention.


Hawes Side Lane