Letters - October 8, 2019

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Keep agricultural land to grow food

As a small child during the Second World War, when ships bringing supplies to our country were sunk by enemy submarines and bombers, there was a slogan, ‘Dig for Victory’.

Farmers and landgirls worked all out to provide food for the nation and anyone with a field or back garden was encouraged to plant fruit and vegetables and keep a few hens.

Certain items of food and clothing were ‘rationed’, nobody starved and there were no beggars on the streets.

If Brexit talks fail without suitable deals, we shall be needing our agricultural land to feed people.

Surely enough houses have been built and it is time planning authorities called a halt to greedy people selling off every piece of green land they own to property developers, causing noise and nuisance to their neighbours, flouting current building regulations and causing danger to pedestrians and vehicle owners by adding more traffic to our dangerous, narrow village roads.

Judith A Gibbons

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Scrutiny is dead

at Wyre Council

This evening’s meeting of the full council (October 3) was a very tame affair and only lasted just over an hour, which I accept some may think is a good thing.

The Tories were full of self congratulations whilst the Labour Group’s questions to the Executive were easily batted away.

In boxing terms Labour didn’t lay a glove on the ruling party and let the executive get away with saying I can’t answer that or even I won’t answer that.

Scrutiny is dead at Wyre Council.

Peter Gibson

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Not seen better broadcaster

I feel I must disagree with some of your correspondents regarding the BBC. I have travelled the world and not found a better National Broadcaster anywhere.

As a pensioner myself I feel the licence fee is a small price to pay for an advertising free channel. Sky for example charges at least four times as much and then bombards the viewer with commercials. Certainly anyone can find fault with individual programmes but one doesn’t have far to look to find something of real quality. Long may the BBC prosper.

John Andrews

St Annes


Stop preaching to us mere mortals

Prince Harry and others should cut out preaching to us mere mortals how important it is that we take care of the planet.

Such people contribute more to global warming by having to travel the world in gas-guzzling jet planes than the man/woman in the street does travelling to work, and the odd foreign holiday.

Peter Hyde

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Escape to Downton for a few hours

I am sure everyone is sick and tired of the never ending arguments about Brexit and our warring inadequate politicians but a wonderful two-hour escape is to go and see the film Downton Abbey.

The scenery is absolutely breathtaking and transfers beautifully to the big screen.

It is a totally ‘feelgood’ film and made me proud to be English instead of feeling ashamed of the impression of our country created by politicians who only care about their personal ambitions.

Janet Berry



Universities should have own criteria

Another barmy idea from Labour to limit the number of private school pupils from attending universities.

Surely universities should have their own admission criteria and stick to them depending on the abilities of their applicants, and not from which education sector they come?

This is the only fair way to ensure true social mobility.

Hilary Andrews

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