Letters - October 7, 2019

Climate change
Climate change
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Biodiversity loss is  important eco-issue

I have been following the climate change debate with much interest.

First, I agree that climate has always been changing but also believe that humans’ impact on our planet is hastening the result much faster than it would otherwise have done.

Secondly, I wonder if this issue is overshadowing another big and (in my eyes) related issue - loss of biodiversity in our world.

Whatever your views on climate change, surely the destruction of nature and the near-extinction of wildlife is clear to see?

In my view, this issue of biodiversity decline and natural habitat is linked to climate change. Focus on saving natural habitats and the effects of climate change may lessen. By helping wildlife, we will help ourselves.


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I am tired of the vegan diet being thrust down my throat, just because it is supposed to be better for the climate.

Why are our farmers and their cows blamed for climate change? We need our farmers and their land to provide food to feed our island nation.

Some of the farming land is not suitable to grow vegetables. Are we going to deprive these farmers of their livelihood?

Perhaps, instead of blaming our farmers and cows, we should think twice about how many plane journeys we make, or car trips? What about all the nuclear warheads which are being tested and the probes which scientists keep sending into outer space? These devices do more damage than farmers and their animals! We should be proud of our farmers - they work very hard to provide food for us.

Barbara Lydon

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Thank you to all the staff in Ward 10

I have recently been in Blackpool Victoria Hospital and wish to say a big thank you to the paramedics, all the staff and AMU and particularly Ward 10. The care I received was outstanding.

In a time when the NHS is short of money and seems to come in for a lot of criticism, my experience was 100 per cent positive and very much appreciated.

William Davies

Beechwood Drive



Let’s get cats


Cats are much-loved pets, yet many of your readers may be surprised to learn that they do not have the same level of protection as dogs when it comes to microchipping.

While microchipping is compulsory for dogs, there are no such laws for cats, and this means many lost or injured cats are not able to

be reunited with their owners.

Being independent and curious, cats are more likely than dogs to roam and get lost far from home.

Cats Protection has launched a petition calling on the government to bring in laws to ensure that all owned cats across the UK are microchipped.

Microchipping is a safe and permanent method of identification, unlike collars which are prone to coming off.

By ensuring all owned cats are microchipped, owners will have the peace of mind of knowing their cat has the best chance of being returned home should they become lost.

In the sad event a cat has been killed on the roads, the details on their microchip can also ensure their owner can be informed.

We welcome Labour’s Animal Welfare Manifesto, stating its intention to expand mandatory microchipping for cats, and the Government’s Animal Welfare Action plan committing to a consultation on cat microchipping.

Cat lovers can show their support for compulsory micrcochipping of owned cats, and help more cats be reunited with their owners, by signing Cats Protection’s petition at www.cats.org.uk/microchippingpetition

Jacqui Cuff

Head of Advocacy &

Government Relations


We’re not all snowflakes

I tuned into the Tory Party conference to confirm my own beliefs as to what it would be about.

MP Gavin Williamson was praising teachers, children’s social workers and other public sector education professionals.

He called them “heroes”.

He praised them for caring for and helping the disadvantaged and vulnerable in society. As a retired lecturer in nursing, may I remind him of the “magic money tree” comment that they hope we’ve forgotten.

We haven’t.

You and your party, Government and MPs are the cause of the disadvantages a lot of children experience, it’s not of their own doing.

You cause it and then reinforce it.

We in these professions all know what you really think of, for example, social workers – left wing, vegetarian, snowflake do-gooders.

T Maunder

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Stop preaching

Prince Harry and others should cut out preaching to us mere mortals how important it is that we take care of the planet. Such people contribute more to global warming by having to travel the world in gas-guzzling jet planes than the man/woman in the street does travelling to work, and the odd foreign holiday.

Peter Hyde

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