Letters - October 3, 2019

Topping Street
Topping Street
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Less ‘tackiness’ will help raise the bar

I am really pleased to see the facelifting scheme of the new shop fronts coming to fruition along Topping Street and Deansgate.

This positive regeneration is a step closer in making Blackpool town centre a more attractive place.

Over time Blackpool has the potential to become ‘The Brighton of The North’.

Businesses should collectively look towards helping the town improve its image.

Blackpool would benefit from some of its businesses adopting less ‘tackiness’.

The extensive restoration of the exterior brickwork at the front and rear of Blackpool Tower is superb example that deserves awards.

The art deco exterior signage of Harry Ramsdens (formerly The Tower Lounge) is also a credit to Blackpool.

It’s no secret that Blackpool Council has a great deal of regeneration work to do. This mammoth task in real terms is spread out on a very small budget. The funding received from The Lancashire Enterprise Partnership towards new shop fronts is money well spent.

Raising the bar in Blackpool requires co-operative joined-up thinking.

Stephen Pierre

Campaign for a

Blackpool Bus Station


What will happen to Saudi prince?

Panorama’s report (September 30) of the gruesome murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi made chilling viewing.

The secret tapes made by the Turkish authorities at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul at the time of his death were very revealing. His planned murder, execution and cover up attempts all led back to the authority of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The question is will the vested interests of the US and UK concerning arm sales and oil dependency, prevent the rightful condemnation of this heinous crime, that would apply to most regimes carrying out such barbaric acts?

The Prince claims he accepts full responsibility, does this mean he will submit to the type of penalty so often carried out in his country?

Denis Lee

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I’ll tell you what’s really disgusting...

I was interested to read that a passing visitor was disgusted to see nurses smoking in uniform to the point that she made a formal complaint.

I find it strange the things people choose to be disgusted about.

Not disgusted that staff do not always have time for toilet breaks, not disgusted that nurses face the risk of assault from patients who are drunk or on drugs, not disgusted that nurses leave university with a massive debt while earning a pittance compared to other professions. Nurses should cover their uniforms when smoking but making a formal complaint?

That’s really disgusting!

B. Clark

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Falling into traps set by politicians

It strikes me that there are what we might call ‘three traps’ at work in politics both here and in the USA.

Much of Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 can be put down to ‘lock her up’ and ‘make America great’.

Here, ‘take back control’, in my view pulled off the same trick in the 2016 referendum.

Now the supporters of an immediate Brexit blurt out ‘get Brexit done’ at every opportunity, indeed it seems they are the only words Dominic Cummings utters in public. Populists are far better at these tricks, Labour’s most powerful slogan of recent times ‘For the many and not the few’, arguably, is too long for the average voter.

Two things stand out – how complex issues are being reduced to trite expressions and, secondly, that those who oppose the fallacies of both the US president and British prime minister better wise up and set our own effective three traps. I have the temerity to suggest one – ‘reject bogus Boris’.

Ian Richardson

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Falling into traps set by politicians

Most pensioners are up early and go to bed early. Day time TV is just repeat after repeat. Why should they pay anything? In fact, why should anyone pay to watch the rubbish BBC?

Cath Walker

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