Letters - October 29, 2018

Autumn in Stanley Park
Autumn in Stanley Park
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Tree planting plans miss root of problem

I read with astonishment the article published in the gazette (October 22 )about the latest strategy by blackpool council to plant more than 10,000 new trees around certain areas of the town.

Do these councillors have any grip on reality?

Blackpool planners have allowed greedy residential housing developers to build on and destroy hectares of the town’s greenbelt which could have been saved and redeveloped into open green spaces or nature trail parks for the benefit of Blackpool residents.

An example of this is Kensington developments’ marton moss redwood point housing estate which is just off progress way. They have levelled acres of marton moss and I believe hundreds of mature trees have gone.

So it’s simple. stop giving planning permission to build toytown estates on the greenbelt within and surrounding blackpool.

Marcus Fay

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Good Doctor but what’s with Tardis?

I have been watching Doctor Who since the early 1960s.

In fact, I well remember tootling up the road, aged about five or six, to knock at the door of Mr and Mrs Bell to sit with their daughter Sharon.

I am a bit unsure as to why I did not sit in my own house and watch the aforementioned television show.

Perhaps I needed somebody of my age handy to hide behind the settee with as we used to regularly do when the Daleks, Ice men, Cybermen, The Master or whatever turned up to scare us every Saturday teatime.

Now, I am not one of these Whovians or whatever they call themselves, but I am angered beyond belief 
by this new Doctor Who series as it has been totally spoilt.

And, no, I do not mean the female Doctor.

Doctors can be female, even in real life, as many of you will have observed over the years, and well done, I say.

No, the reason why I am angry with the new series is the Tardis of all things.

The Tardis has been reduced to a porch for goodness sake.

I believe it was the second programme when the Doctor and her colleagues eventually made it into the Tardis.

I looked and noticed
 that Police Public Call Box was not in reverse as previously and that the wording was as if you were looking at the back of the Tardis.

Basically the BBC, in its ‘wisdom’, has turned the once mighty Tardis with its ‘small on the outside but big on the inside’ (and it is big on the inside as it incorporates a star for fuel if I remember rightly) into a wardrobe from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

Please BBC, put the Tardis back together and put the back wall onto where it belongs and pop the interior back in.

Alan ‘The Quill’ Vincent

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It was great show 
at Funny Girls

Last Wednesday night I went to the Funny Girls show with three relations and a visitor from Australia.

They were all visiting Blackpool from London and wanted to go as they had been told about the show from other friends, in London!

They thought the show was wonderful and could not understand why, “It was such a reasonable price”, to attend!

They thought the show was outstanding, and thoroughly enjoyed it and were so glad that they attended it.

I particularly liked the ‘putting on the Ritz’ tap dancing section and really they could have done a longer routine with that kind of tap dancing!

I can thoroughly recommend the show.

Go and then you will know what it is all about. Everyone, on stage, were talented dancers.

Young male dancers IN WORK!


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