Letters - October 23, 2018

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Warn young away from communism

Why do so many young people sneer at Britain?

The answer – because they are taught to.

We no longer teach children proper history and no longer give them something of which to be proud. Instead we teach them how bad the British (and the English in particular) have been to almost everyone else.

Is it any wonder that, by the time the privileged few get to university, they are so unaware of their own country’s past that they are fair game for left-wing lecturers who wish to indoctrinate them.

It is time we stood up for our country, we have much to be proud of.

We fought to end slavery from the 1830s.

In contrast, America was still enforcing discrimination in the 1950s but is not pilloried for it.

No-one these days seems to put historic acts into context, instead insisting on viewing past events with a modern consciousness.

As for young people thinking that it is time for communism, ask anyone who has lived under that regime about what it is like and their answer is likely to be unprintable.

Please tell our youngsters to look into the history of communism before they vote at the next election

Scott Andrews

via email


Ways round 
the Irish border

I’m sure those who can’t understand the Government’s position on Brexit must be tearing their hair out by now.

And if they can understand it, they need to give Theresa May a call now and explain it to her, not forgetting those hard line Brexiteers and explain it to them as well.

We had a referendum in the 70s that people overwhelmingly voted to join the EU.

Granted a lot has changed since then, but more has changed these last two years that leaves the door open to another referendum.

The leave campaign broke the law with its overspending, not to mention the racist scaremongering and the “£350m for the NHS” on the back of a bus – all lies.

The one thing the leave campaign either ignores or fails to understand is the back stop concerning the Irish border.

There are two ways around it.

First, keep the customs union and the single market, as that is what Northern Ireland voted for, even though those Unionist politicians hold Theresa May to ransom.

Or give those Irish people back their country, then there would be no more talk of a soft or hard border.

G Taylor

Address supplied


Punish with
jail sentence

Whatever your view of fracking, surely there can only be universal condemnation of the despicable tactics employed by protesters outside the Preston New Road site?

The extreme direct action by these activists – such as locking-on, using tyres and concrete, and lying on top of ladders, attached to the roof of a van blockading the entrance – had only one impact and that was to block a busy main road and inconvenience local commuters on a Monday morning.

Did it stop or even delay the start of the fracking operation? No!

So who were the victims of this mindless action? The Lancashire taxpayers, of course, who will ultimately have to pay. The whole sickening show of defiance was organised by Reclaim The Power, a South East-based pressure group, which regards the disturbance to the local community as nothing more than “collateral damage”.

I, for one, hoped that the appalling protests resulted in arrests and that jail sentences will ensue for the small minority who continue to disrupt the lives of the community.

Steve Mellor

Lytham Resident


Bolton concert was dreadful

My mum and I attended the Michael Bolton concert on Friday night at the Opera House. We had looked forward to it for months.

What a dreadful night! I have never experienced such a drunken and ill-mannered audience in my life. Many were up and down constantly to the bar and toilet; they spoke loudly; messaged on phones; blocked the aisles and drowned out Michael and his band. We got the impression that the show ended sooner than we expected - did they decide to give up earlier than intended?

We will never return to the town for another event. We ate at Bella Italia in Victoria Street before the show - Lisa and the team there were great though.

Elaine Hanzak