Letters - October 2, 2019

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Labour’s class war  against good schools

Labour’s latest suggestion in its attempt to plug the equality gap within the education system by integrating private schools into mainstream state sector schools won’t bring opportunity to the less fortunate, it will simply hinder and bring down the seven per cent that currently pay to access a better education establishment to the state school level.

Before any further attempts are made at this ideology of “inclusion for all”, I think Labour need to take a huge step back and look at society and the general behaviour within our modern day world, before asking if this is acceptable?

You only need the unfortunate displeasure of having to travel on a public transport service that clashes with a local state school’s start or finishing times to hear the bitterness and spitefulness, the swearing and abuse that comes out of these kids’ mouths. Some are under 10 years old and it is a disgrace, yet they get away with it on a daily basis.

Nobody has the courage to apprehend them due to the fear of the retribution they will be subjected too, not necessarily from the perpetrator, but the ‘‘snowflake’’ nanny state powers-that-be.

Furthermore, the majority of these schools are in areas where the predominant election vote is cast towards a Labour MP, yet Jeremy Corbyn and his party seem hell-bent that this type of abysmal behaviour warrants a route into a better education setting with the prospect of a top paid job at the end of it.

Alan Mumby

address supplied


I’m not going

to let this rest

Last year I had experienced unacceptable delays on the line between Preston and Ormskirk, especially when there was upgrade work with replacement buses between Ormskirk and Liverpool and connecting trains at Ormskirk didn’t wait resulting in as much as three hours (18:00 to 21:15) to wait before a replacement coach was put on at Ormskirk for Preston.

It took me months of complaining before I got anywhere with a refund or compensated.

Another delay was on August 24 this year when the 13:01 Lancaster to Carlisle train via Barrow was cancelled and the following train got to Barrow over a hour later than the train which was cancelled.

Having paid for our tickets (Bare Lane to Barrow) and waiting about in Lancaster we decided not to continue our journey with all the extra waiting about and arriving later than planned.

I immediately put in for a Delay Repay claim which should be for the full fare as the next train arrived over a hour later. I haven’t received any acknowledgement or reply to my claim and so have started writing to my MP and other bodies which act in passengers interests.

Having seen your article I have decided to let you know that it not just delays that Northern Rail bosses need to come clean on but the refunds passengers are entitled to for delays and cancellations as well. Can we get a Delay Payment for delays in processing our refunds?

I’m not letting this rest until I get what I am entitled to or something of at least equivalent value.

John R Jones



‘We don’t care... dump it there’?

It is standard procedure to pass wheelie bins constantly out at the bottom end of Ashton Road in Blackpool, (towards Grasmere Road) on both sides that pedestrians have to pass by every time on route to wherever we’re going and back and.

Often the smell from them as they become full is unacceptable! Why they are there is a mystery but on Saturday September 28 we were greeted with this added fly tipping mess! It’s a case of ‘we don’t care, dump it there!’

Clifford Chambers



Keeping positives under his hat?

Given the enthusiasm with which Boris is driving us to Brexit, I visited the Government’s website to get a better idea of the many benefits we can look forward to when we finally leave. Surprisingly, there is nothing about these but much about medicine and food shortages, travel difficulties and new red tape when trading with the EU. Perhaps Boris is keeping all the positives under his hat as a nice surprise for the 1st of November....

Phil Cray