Letters - October 17, 2018

Waiting lists have topped 10,000 at Blackpool Victoria Hospital
Waiting lists have topped 10,000 at Blackpool Victoria Hospital
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We’ve just been left waiting for neurologist

I write regarding the lack of neurology consultants at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

For various reasons it would seem that there are none in post in the NHS locally at the present time and, unless patients are prepared to pay for a private consultation, which is about £200, there is no way of seeing anyone.

My husband has Parkinson’s and was being seen every six weeks by his consultant. His last appointment was at the beginning of March. We then heard through other sources outside the hospital that the consultant had retired at the end of March. We also heard that another consultant had given up NHS work and could only be seen privately.

We have not had the courtesy of any communication from the hospital to explain what is happening and , I am sure that I speak for many other patients, when I say that this is totally unacceptable. It is now seven months since my husband was last seen and his condition is now such that he needs to know that he will be seen by a consultant in the very near future.

In the year that the NHS is celebrating its 70th birthday, this situation is hardly something to be proud of.

Lynn Goy

Thornton Cleveleys


Protest against non-stun slaughter!

Many hours and a lot of energy has been expended protesting about fracking. I just wish the same effort could be harnessed into protesting about non-stun slaughter.

In the UK, tens of thousands of sheep, goats, cows and chickens are dying in agony every week because they were not stunned before having their throats slit. In 1935 non-stun slaughter was banned in this country because lengthy research proved that it caused unnecessary suffering.

To save time and money because it is faster, some large abattoirs now only carry out non-stun slaughter. Soon everyone will be eating meat from animals killed in this manner if this is allowed to continue. Please write to your MP asking them to support a ban on non stun slaughter.

David Walker

Address supplied


Rebellion won’t just be in the cabinet

The fate of the nation lies in the hands of Theresa May and she must stand up to the bully boys in Brussels who do not want us to leave the EU.

And they certainly don’t want to give us a good deal as that would encourage other member states to head for the exit too, leading to the unravelling of the inherently doomed EU project.

It’s crunch talks time and our PM must stand firm and not be brow beaten by Michel Barnier et al.

Boris Johnson is not everyone’s cup of tea but he is right to push Mrs May for a ‘Super Canada’ deal and to point out that the EU is treating us with contempt.

There is rebellion among the cabinet ranks and her position is in peril as much as the UK’s future. She must get us the outcome envisaged by the Referendum result or I fear rebellion will not be confined to just her cabinet ministers.

Paul Nuttall

North West MEP


A lie repeated soon becomes the truth

How many more times do we have to be told the Russians are out to get us before we really start believing it, before we start KNOWING that they are our new greatest enemy?

Not many, I imagine.

Even highly intelligent people I know are convinced Russia is a clear and present danger. They think this despite their source of information being the national mainstream media that repeated lies about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. What ever happened to once bitten, twice shy?

jJulie Moss

Via email


Tesco site would make McDonalds

Following the very sad news that Tesco on Victoria Road West is closing on November 3, may I suggest a use for the premises.

Recently McDonald’s has had their proposed development at Morrisons turned down.

The empty Tesco store would be an ideal site for a McDonalds or maybe it could be used as an indoor market.

Maureen Bromell

Thornton Cleveleys