Letters - October 15, 2015

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Unseen bins could solve litter problem

When walking along Central Prom recently, there were a lot of people enjoying fish and chips in the fine weather – however, the litter bins were overflowing, much to the satisfaction of the seagulls. As it was a weekend, I presumed bins were not being emptied.

The current bins are not big enough. There is also an added time and delay in the operators picking up litter from overflowing bins.

I have seen the perfect solution to the problem, which is a fix forever and not highly labour intensive.

In Palma de Mallorca, the Promenade and City have a number of litter disposal points. There are usually a row of four different bins for different types of rubbish. Below each container is a much larger one, which is unseen and underground.

The secret to this system is that a large refuse lorry approaches these containers and lifts out the entire bin for emptying. This is a one-man operation and very quick and easy. If these were installed along the Prom, I would expect all bins could be emptied in less than two hours.

There is not doubt that this system would be a final fix, rather than tinkering with the existing system.

Geoff Race

Queens Rd

St Annes


Cuts will undermine community work

The latest announcement of £160 million of budget cuts which will be imposed on Lancashire’s police force is nothing short of lunacy.

At a major conference on the fight against Hate Crime and personal abuse at Hutton Police HQ on Monday, October 12, we reviewed the work jointly undertaken by police and the community, which is seen as national best practice.

Action to process acts of hostility and hate toward all members of society, including those which affect disabled, age, gender, race, faith and ethnicity, are of massive importance to such a diverse county as Lancashire, and such massive budget cuts will effectively mean such work will fall apart.

For a government to say that law and safety are important, whilst destroying the very fabric of achieving such safety is not just unfair, it is dangerous to society.

Those of us in the community who work closely with the force will make our voices heard in this devastating and demoralising news.

Stephen Brookes MBE

Coordinator Disability Hate Crime Network


A leader propped up by hard-left militants

The formation of the new pressure group Momentum is deeply worrying.

Momentum is a parasite on the Labour host. It will make life for all moderate Labour MPs very tough.

Momentum is reminiscent of the Rank and File Mobilising Committee, which included Militant and the like to support hard-left Benn. Some of those involved are active in Corbyn’s inner circle.

Our main opposition party now comprises a hapless, hopeless leader propped up by militants.

Dr Barry Clayton

Fieldfare Close