Letters, October 11, 2019

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Closure shows need for urgent change

It was with great sadness that I read of the closure of Lefton’s Furniture Store (The Gazette, October 9).

A quality family store which has been in the town for so long.

Over the years, we have enjoyed visiting and buying our beds and mattresses from there.

They stocked a huge range of beautiful items and the sales people have always been so helpful.

Isn’t it time the Government realised what they are doing to smaller independent companies by charging such large business rates?

Blackwood’s Rock Shop, in Corporation Street, had also been in business for 75 years and have had to close for similar reasons. What a shock when I also heard that Black’s Material and Haberdashery in Edward Street, again a long standing local company, have also closed, permanently!

Yes, times change, and we now buy more by internet but we are loosing an important part of the our shopping experience – live shopping.

Locals and visitors love to browse around independent shops instead of the usual High Street stores. They provide an interesting and different experience to their holiday and everyday needs.

Isn’t it time Blackpool Council lobbied the Government for a decrease in business rates and actively supported local businesses themselves? Once they’ve gone it is too late. It affects the tourist trade as well as the residents! Come on Blackpool Council!

Diana Holden



Great service cutting shrubs

I just had to write to say, I e-mailed Blackpool council to ask if they could cut back some shrubs on a pathway on grange park. It was done within a week! Thank you to them for being so efficient!

Shelly Uttley



Unrealistic scare stories

Project Fear 2.0 is steaming ahead unhindered by facts or reality.

The latest scaremongering involves claims that toilet paper supplies will be under threat if there is a no-deal Brexit.


How low will the establishment Remainers go in their quest to frighten the bejesus out of us voters?

No doubt manufacturers of loo roll, as well as manufacturers generally, all have an eye on the uncertain future and have made contingency plans to avoid any major disruptions.

The more unrealistic scare stories the Remain supporters invent, the more immune voters become to them.

Just look how the original Project Fear turned out for them.

Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen

North West Brexit Party MEP


Sort out this perilous corner

Work is to commence during the forthcoming school half-term to widen the pavement between the Garstang Academy and the treacherous bend opposite the old Police Station.

Navigating this pavement is a problem for all pedestrians, especially mums with pushchairs and wheelchair users.

It is a particular problem for schoolchildren going to and from the Academy.

This a dangerous corner.

The large refrigerated vehicles serving the supermarkets struggle to take the bend without mounting the pavement. Schoolchildren spill onto the road and there is a constant risk to life and limb.

Lancashire County Council (LCC) is to widen the pavement and alter the adverse camber in an effort to reduce the risk of accidents.

By their own admissions, this is not a solution.

They are constrained by the circumstances and have very little room to affect change other than marginally increase the width of the pavement.

The pavement on the opposite side of the road ends at the old Police Station.

It would be possible to radically alter the problem if the pavement was continued round the perimeter of the field to the canal bridge.

This would require the owner of the field to give up a slice of their land in the interests of local school children.

What are the chances of such a magnanimous gesture?

Tom Donnelly

via email