Letters - October 10, 2019

Hodgson Academy student
Hodgson Academy student
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‘Questionable’ haircut rule is big disruption

I am shocked and angry to read of the 14-year-old Hodgson Academy student who has been punished for having an ‘inappropriate’ short haircut. Everything in his photograph points to the fact that he is a clean and well dressed boy in the school uniform. His hairstyle is an example of how most people like to see a schoolboy appear.

I feel strongly, that at such a sensitive age, all the attention he is receiving will cause a major disruption in his daily educational experiences. It is not so long ago that one could see some schoolboys with beards. I do not recall anything being said about that.

As for Hodgson’s ‘Uniform and Appearance Policy’ one appreciates that there have to be sensible rules but one section of the policy states that there may be daily detentions and/or working in isolation until the problem is rectified. How many weeks would this boy be punished until his hair grew to what they say is appropriate and acceptable?

In the future he should be able to look back to his schooldays without remembering the questionable rules set down by the senior staff which had nothing to do with furthering his education.

It has obviously caused him and his family a lot of worry and distress.

Janet Cowburn

via email


Kept in dark over no deal upheaval

It is about time that the general public woke up to the fact that a no deal Brexit, which is what Boris Johnson has planned for from day one because he can then fight a general election on a mandate of I saved the day, is a deal that will open a huge can of worms. It is a misnomer.

A so-called no deal will result in an avalanche of legislative work to sort out very complicated legal, security, trade, transport and a host of other issues. It has been estimated that it will take at least six years of very tough negotiation.

During this time important matters like the NHS, education, the economy and social /crime will go on the back burner.

The public are being deliberately kept in the dark despite the fact that they are the ones who will suffer, and very, very badly.

In the brilliant ‘Yes Minister’ TV series the head of the civil service explains to Jim Hacker, a newly appointed minister, that ‘we cannot possibly tell the public the truth because they would then know what a mess it all is’. Funny but unfortunately true.

Dr Barry Clayton

Thornton Cleveleys


Tipping the equality scales

These women are ridiculous.

If there were no pension changes then this would be inequality for men, as it was for many years when women could retire at 60 but men had to wait until the age of 65 to receive their state pension.

As stated by the court, it is not discrimination, “Rather it equalises a historic asymmetry between men and women”.

It is over 20 years since it was decided, on grounds of equality, that women’s retirement pension should be increased from 60 to

65. It was the Coalition Government which accelerated it. So as far as saying there was little notice, this is totally untrue.

I agree there should be equality for men and women but this campaign gives women a bad name.

They are tipping the scales the other way.

J Norman

via email


Harry is just playing into paper’s hands

Whilst I can well understand why Prince Harry wants to sue the Mirror and The Sun newspapers for their allegedly intrusive behaviour I am afraid he is merely playing into their hands.

Whatever monetary penalty they are potentially made to pay will be a drop in the ocean of their finances and he will probably give whatever he gains to charity.

In the meantime the papers will probably gain readers who will now want to know of any other titbits of scandal that may be forthcoming.

I am afraid the sole result will be for the barristers concerned to make an awful lot of money out of the two concerned parties.

What about the Daily Mail

who steadfastly refuse the refer to the Duchess by her correct title, the Duchess of Sussex, but insist on using her previous name?

I hasten to add that I do not take the Mail but read it online occasionally.

Peter Hyde

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