Letters - November 8, 2016

Photo Neil Cross'The delapidated houses in Leopold Grove, Blackpool
Photo Neil Cross'The delapidated houses in Leopold Grove, Blackpool
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Keep the terrace, don’t demolish it

Surely the council must think again regarding their plan to demolish the terrace of attractive buildings on Leopold Grove ?

Not only are they within the council’s town centre conservation area, but when renovated they could offer any number of business opportunities, and visually would offer a great juxtaposition with the Art Deco former gas showrooms next door.

While the council must look to increase revenue, is puncturing the fabric of the town with car parks the best solution we can find, or just the first they thought of ?

Ultimately, the town’s financial success depends on the amount of people we can attract to come here, I can’t believe this is best served by progressively making Blackpool uglier?

Paul Melling

Maple Avenue



Theresa May cares not for democracy

What is it about Theresa May that she does not understand democracy? We have had a plethora of decisions since she became Prime Minister that have either ignored the will of the people, or have blatantly denied justice for people throughout the country, despite calls for action to right wrongs.

The decision of her Home Secretary to deny an investigation into Orgreave was offensive to many, whose lives were affected by the police brutality that occurred at South Yorkshire.

Then we hear that local councils will no longer be able to make decisions about pensions investments, meaning that councils cannot divest from companies that have poor records of ethical trading, which takes away control from pensioners having a voice about how their pensions should be invested.

The decision to overturn Lancashire County Council on fracking rights in the Fylde was a blatant attempt to defy the will of the people and thus put democracy on the rack in favour of her brand of monocracy!

Now she wants to develop new nuclear weapons at a time the United Nations are formulating policy to broaden the rules on the test ban treaty, amid widespread apathy about renewing Trident at a time of austerity. The government’s most blatant anti-democratic card was dealt more than four years ago under Cameron, with the decision to embark on the commercialisation of the NHS. The worst sleight of hand that any government has ever attempted on such a scale, but she stays silent on her privatisation plans, despite mounting debts and the increased number of private companies she has just approved to run it.

The final blow to her autocratic style however has been delivered by the high court, who has judged her plan for Brexit not to be debated in parliament as unconstitutional. Perhaps the country needs to debate between democracy and dictatorship as the preferred style of government for Britain!

Roy Lewis

Haddon Road



Drama which gives our kids a chance

I am writing on behalf of the fundraising team for Blackpool Fylde Children’s Pantomime (BFCP).

BFCP is a community interest company that provides the opportunity for local children aged five to 18 years to experience the performing arts through the production of a pantomime. Some of the children involved in the pantomime would never have the opportunity to explore the world of dance, music and drama if it wasn’t for BFCP due to the financial commitment such activities encompass.

For the children involved, this experience allows them to make new friendships, experience the thrill of performing at one of Blackpool’s most iconic theatres and for those wishing to pursue a career in the arts it allows them to develop some of the fundamental knowledge and skillsthat they may be required to increase their future opportunities.

At BFCP, all charges to the child and their families are kept to a minimum and all staff involved in the production give their time freely with no remuneration.

We are currently trying to raise funds towards the production of our next show Peter Pan, which will take place this January at Blackpool’s Grand Theatre.

To ensure the success of this experience we need to raise £30,000 to cover theatre costs, costumes, equipment and promotional materials. A donation of an item would help us greatly in our pre- show fundraising events for use as an auction or raffle item.

Rob Brookes

for BFCP Fundraising Team


Welcome for new baby screening test

I welcome the government’s proposals to offer pregnant women the new non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) on the NHS.

This test is a safer and more accurate test for genetic disorders than amniocentesis, but is currently only available in the UK if mothers pay for it, which can run into hundreds of pounds.

With this new non-invasive test, prospective parents will be provided with more detailed information during pregnancy and fewer women will have have to suffer miscarriages.

Sadly, this new test will only be available on the NHS from 2018.

Perhaps if the government wasn’t spending billions on foreign aid each year it could afford to introduce the test earlier.

Louise Bours

UKIP North West MEP