Letters - November 6, 2015

Grand Theatre archivists Geoff and Linda Tolson, at the theatre in Blackpool
Grand Theatre archivists Geoff and Linda Tolson, at the theatre in Blackpool
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In-demand posters too much to ask for

As the underbidder for the 1943 Brighton Rock Grand Theatre poster at the recent Bonhams auction, I too was very disappointed not to win.

I did hope at least that I had been outbid by the Friends of the Grand… so the poster could still make a return to Blackpool.

Sadly, this proved not to be the case.

However, reading the letter from Geoff and Linda Tolson, joint archivists from the Grand (Tuesday, October 27) I have to admire their optimism…to inform others that valuable posters like this can reach figures in the thousands (£2,375 incl commission) and then ask anyone with such posters to consider donating them to them.

Not only are such items of interest to the Grand, but also to the great British public, who are prepared to dig deep to own such treasures from a bygone era. Money talks! I do wish Geoff and Linda luck!

As a final consolation to both me and the Grand, the winning bidder of the Brighton Rock poster was clearly not going to give up. I would like to think it was a fellow sand grown ‘un who won this treasure!


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Coleen’s views are so disappointing

I am a Gazette reader (all my life) for many, many years, married at St John’s Church by Canon Yates. Reading tonight’s Gazette (November 2), I feel hurt and disgusted at Coleen Nolan’s comments.

I am speechless what the family Nolans have been made from Blackpool. All beautiful singers, I can hear their mother singing Ava Maria in Brunswick Club, super voice, so so enjoyable.

I felt I had to put pen to paper at her remarks of Blackpool (which certainly made the Nolans). Every town, city has this drink problem, especially younger people.

Really Coleen, your popularity won’t be the same from your views of Blackpool. Remember, your two sons are in showbusiness, be careful of your views – it won’t help your sons in Blackpool.

Just had to write these few lines, I’m so disappointed of her views of Blackpool.

Mrs Dilys Holding

Stanley Park Close



I hope proceeds of crime choke thieves

I am a volunteer at Easterleigh Animal Sanctuary charity shop on Waterloo Road and on Friday, October 30 I took a bag of vegetables for the animals at the sanctuary and left it by the collection bin in the doorway.

When I left to go home we discovered that some low life had stolen it.

Whoever you are, I hope it chokes you.

To steal from animals is despicable. With all the food banks there are for hungry people, why steal from creatures unable to provide for themselves due to no fault of their own?

Knowing the dire straights the sanctuary is in at the moment it makes it all the more disgusting.

Hazel Harrison

Kincross Crescent



Can you help keep sanctuary cats fed?

On behalf of Rainbow Bridge Sanctuary 43, Grosvenor Street, Blackpool, Father Anthony and helper, are struggling desperately to feed their cats. Can anybody help please?

Anything will help, dry food (biscuit), wet food also. Also they have a dog, so dog food also. Blankets will also help. If anyone can help then they will be so grateful.

So if you are a cat lover please help. If anyone can raise any money, any way, please can you do so.

Any donations or food can to direct to Father Anthony at Grosvenor Street. Telephone 01253 622042.

P Sinclair



Charged for a bag I didn’t ask for... or get

Just letting you know......today I went to Tesco in Bispham. I was asked if I wanted the receipt and I decided I would.

If I hadn’t I would not have realised that they had charged me 5p for a carrier bag that wasn’t offered, asked for or received.

Annette Walker

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