Letters - November 5, 2015

Jake Roche and Coleen Nolan  at Press Night for Last Night A DJ Saved My Life at Blackpool Opera House starring David Hasselhoff'Pix Dave Nelson
Jake Roche and Coleen Nolan at Press Night for Last Night A DJ Saved My Life at Blackpool Opera House starring David Hasselhoff'Pix Dave Nelson
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Blackpool still has lots to teach us

Here we go! Blackpool’s a ‘War Zone’ according to one of our well-known local celebrities.

Well, what do you know? This really is not news to those of us who have lived here over the decades.

It is sad to see the demise of beautiful high end shopping in Queen Street. (Yes, I am going back a bit!)

Of being able to stroll around town in the evening enjoying beautiful shop window displays as my parents used to. Never to see ‘lost’ young men staggering around the town centre either inebriated or worse. Young women baring all or pushing prams, busily attending to their mobile phones instead of their children.

However, life has changed and Blackpool finds itself at the sharp end. So while we are waiting for a makeover along the lines of Magaluf ( that would be nice – please!) we should embrace this unique town and use what it offers us, not scurry off to some leafy suburb.

Children brought up in Blackpool will certainly have attended the university of life. Those lucky enough to have parents who discuss such things, will know how to look after themselves and keep safe in any city. They will know that not everyone has everything they need, and that desolation could happen to anyone. And hopefully they will grow up to put some of these wrongs right – one day.

Elizabeth Boniface

Beechfield Avenue



Our nightlife is not a warzone, Coleen

I must say, I was speechless myself when I read Coleen Nolan’s remarks about my beloved hometown.

As a younger resident who regularly frequents the town’s fantastic nightlife, she couldn’t be further off the mark as far as I am concerned.

Blackpool is not a “warzone” at night and I speak from first-hand experience when I make this comment. Yes there can be a boisterous few who get a bit out of hand but this is no different to any other lively town or city with vibrant nightlife.

Blackpool is a fun and lively place to go for a night out, and it is an essential part of our town’s economy and on the whole is enjoyed by countless numbers who enjoy a trouble free night out.

We have an excellent selection of bars, pubs and clubs run by hard working people who do their best to ensure trouble is kept to a minimum. I’ve seen much more trouble on nights out in Manchester and Liverpool than in Blackpool.

Coleen’s remarks do our reputation no favours, along with that ridiculous sensationalised 999 programme last year, and I condemn them. I urge anyone to ignore the stereotypes about Blackpool nightlife and try it for yourself.

Coun Christian Cox

Councillor for Squires Gate Ward


If you don’t like the town, leave it

I thought that Coleen Nolan left Blackpool because of career prospects.

It didn’t stop her son from enjoying nights out in Blackpool. We do have problems, but there are a lot of plus sides to it.

If you don’t like it, leave.

Muriel Stephens

Whitegate Drive



Thanks to hospital for excellent care

I would like to thank the doctors and staff at the urology unit and ward 14, Victoria Hospital for their kindness and care during my short stay in hospital.

W Collier

Hazelwood Close



Three-score and 
10 is ‘a good age’

Just attended yet another funeral .

I think the saying is true, up to age 70 you are going to weddings, after 70 mostly funerals.

I realise I have now reached the “good age”. Many I have known never did reach the “good age”, so now I suppose my only consolation when I pass on, it will be said “he were a good age”.

Kevin Gooder

Clinton Avenue



Sign up to help fight diabetes in resort

I am writing to make your readers of aware of a ground breaking new service we have launched to make it easier for people with diabetes in Blackpool to become members of Diabetes UK and help fund the vital work we do.

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Stephen Ryan

North of England Regional Manager, Diabetes UK