Letters - November 3, 2016

Blackpool North Rail Station, Blackpool.
Blackpool North Rail Station, Blackpool.
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Station porter went the extra mile for us

I had to use the rail network to travel to a family event in Kent last week, something I have not done in many years.

I normally use the bus routes, however as I suffer with a mobility problem, the speed of service offered by the railway seemed to make sense.

On arrival at Blackpool station I was assisted by a porter, whose name I do not know. However, his level of customer service was extremely high, not only did he assist me and my grandson on getting to the correct platform, he helped with my luggage and made sure I was comfortable before I set off.

I am sure that you often get advised when things are wrong, however I believe it only right to let you know that his helpfulness has ensured that you receive my business again.

Mrs M Sproston

address supplied


You can help keep cats living well

Rainbow Bridge Cat Sanctuary look after, with love and kindness, the cats that have been abandoned or just left in the flats when people move on. the cats are not in cages but free to roam the house.

We have started a special appeal, after two attempted break-ins, for a cat run with secure netting and frame. This would not only give the sanctuary security, but would give the cats a chance to get some fresh air as well as visit the garden for a visit and still protect them from a busy road.

The cost of this is £2,500 and so far we have raised £300. If you can help we would be very grateful and if you want to visit us to see the proposed plan, please do come over. Thanks as always for food, wood and papers as well as your donations.

Father Anthony

Rainbow Bridge Sanctuary

43 Grosvenor Street


email: SFOCM@aol.com


The production was a true superstar

On Friday, October 28 I visited Marine Hall, Fleetwood, to see Jesus Christ Superstar presented by Thornton Cleveleys Operatic Society.

Once again an amazing spectacle, haunting music, principles and chorus. Congratulations to everyone.

A memorable evening, standing ovation worthy of any West End show. Looking forward to 2017.

Mrs P Collinge

Broderick Avenue



Winning games is a very simple thing

I cannot understand some people who go and watch Blackpool Football team playing all the time and then when the team make yet another draw, or get beat, will say Blackpool played so well and so on. I cannot get my head round that.

Missing all those chances, they should be playing attacking football, keep hold of the ball and take the ball right up and stick it in the back of the net.

Not missing chances to score goals and miss the chance to win the game and bring us right up to the top of the table.

So come on Blackpool, get it done.

Jim Clancy

Caledonian Avenue