Letters - November 3, 2015

Hoteliers outside 25 Vance Road, Blackpool.
Hoteliers outside 25 Vance Road, Blackpool.
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HMO menace not an isolated incident

I write with regard to the article in Wednesday’s Gazette in which we are told it has taken seven years to get a partial closure order on 25 Vance Road.

Unfortunately, this is not an unusual story and many good, hardworking hoteliers have to suffer the detrimental effect of anti-social behaviour from troublesome HMO tenants.

We’re told the police attended 39 incidents in just six months at the afore mentioned property which is completely unacceptable, costly and time consuming for not only the police but the residents, council and enforcement team involved.

Surely at a time when the police and council budgets are being slashed we need to come up with an alternative strategy whereby the police are able to charge landlords who do not operate responsibly, for their attendance. I’m not suggesting a charge be made for every call out, only for those repeat offenders as, quite frankly, I don’t see why we, as council tax payers should foot the bill for 39 incidents in six months!

In a similar regard the derelict hotels on the South Beach promenade were not secured properly by the owners and youngsters were in and out doing heaven only knows what in unsafe surroundings with the police attending on countless occasions. Again, I believe that after the police had been called out maybe twice then a charge for every attendance thereafter may well have ensured the absentee landlords took some responsibility, secured the buildings properly and then maybe the surrounding properties wouldn’t have had to suffer the damaging effects of the numerous resultant fires.

I feel sure that by charging for police time then repeat offender landlords would operate more responsibly and it would also help to finance the cost of our amazing police force.

Claire Smith

President, StayBlackpool


Pupils are a credit to their generation

Earlier this month my friend Mrs Sandra Isaacson and I went to the Montgomery High School open day, as a ‘walk down memory lane’ remembering our time at the school some 56 years earlier.

Naturally things had changed, but the courteous manner of all the students we met was a breath of fresh air to us both.

We both remember our wonderful times at this great school, and enjoyed looking around familiar ground, though naturally lots of changes are now in place.

We remember this school as a happy place and we are in no doubt that the students there are a credit to their school. They were helpful, knowledgeable and respectful of us at all times. What a refreshing change to know that the youth of today can still be respectful of ‘the older generation’, it’s so easy to find the negatives about the younger generation, but it’s quite clear that the teachers at Montgomery High School still care as much today as they did when we attended all those years ago.

Thank you so much for all your generosity and time during our nostalgic time at the school, and also for our samples of the school dinners, something which is definitely a change for the better from our old school days.

Mrs M Scragg

Mowbreck Park



Someone has to pick up all the rubbish......

I was so fed up and sad to see all the rubbish on the pavement of Bispham, so I got a large black bag, started outside my garden gate on Ashfield Road and went all along the streets clearing it in to my bag until it was full to the top.

I then put it in a very large council rubbish bin, bottles, tins and cardboard boxes.

I honestly don’t know how you sleep in your beds, you’re a disgrace to our wonderful Blackpool, of which I, and hundreds of other people, care so much and love it.

Sorry for waking you all up, get to it and bring the old Blackpool back we were all so proud of, before it’s too late.

Margaret Crawford

Ashfield Road



Solution to fines for school time holidays

With regard to parental fines and school holidays.

Supply and demand in the holiday industry dictates price. I see the solution for schools, to stagger term breaks on a rota basis. Each school share holidays within June, July and August. This will reduce demand for holiday destinations, and more reasonable and affordable prices. No reason then for absenteeism.

Kevin Gooder

Clinton Avenue



Great benefits of walking to school

A recent poll has revealed that children hugely value walking to school for the social time with friends and family, just like their parents and grandparents did.

But less than half of children now get this opportunity. Walking is a free and healthy option for children yet walking rates continue to decline.

It’s not too late to turn things around if we act now. Walking to school can help children and parents build activity into their daily lives and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We need to invest in the walk to school now, before the inactive children of today become the unhealthy adults of the future.

I have pledged my support to Living Streets, the UK charity for everyday walking and I’m urging the Prime Minister David Cameron to prioritise walking in the upcoming spending review. I would encourage others to do the same through the Living Streets website.