Letters - November 25, 2015

Alfie Fleming on a fun day out
Alfie Fleming on a fun day out
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Our hearts go out to little Alfie’s family

After such a tragic loss of a beautiful toddler Alfie Fleming, who lost his life to meningitis, I feel so deeply for his parents and family (Gazette, November 21).

We lost our dearly loved 16-year-old grandaughter with everything to live for in year 2000 to the deadly B strain Meningitis/ Septicaemia. We have donated from many events and continue to donate in hope of preventing further tragedies. The injection for new born babies is a fantastic start, if we can get it for all children it will be wonderful.

So I was pleased to read MP Paul Maynard is prepared to be involved and speak with Joanne. I do wish little Alfie’s parents very best wishes in all the work they do for Meningitis Trust in memory of their little son.


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The Tories have ruined the country

I wish to reply to Dr Barry Clayton ref Jeremy Corbyn (Your Say, November 20).

First of all let’s put the record straight. He did not say the killing of Bin Laden was a tragedy, he actually said it was a shame because Bin Laden should have stood trial for his crimes against humanity.

Secondly, and another Tory lie, the last government was coming out of the deficit which was worldwide.

Thirdly, in 1945 this country was in dire straights after the Second World War, and an incoming Labour government got us out of it.

No austerity, no Tory ideology, just plain hard work and we are in a bigger mess now than in 2008 thanks to Cameron and Osborne. They have wrecked the country, and now they have the nerve to buy a new toy, an aircraft at taxpayers’ expense. They are poison and should be sacked.

Peter Elliot

Palatine Road

South Shore


What is it that 
ISIS really want?

My brain is in overdrive again, racing with concern about what has happened in Paris, with these terror attacks earlier this month.

Bombing will only kill and maim lots of innocent people, and it was what I thought at first, but surely what has got to happen first is a world wide communication, with every country in the world subscribing to it, if they wish.

Let’s ask IS or ISIS what it is they really want – I’ve not heard this, if they have said.

Let’s find out by worldwide communication what it really is, publicise it to the world, and work from there.

If they want to be left alone, then we can work from there.

Richard Pinder

Belmont Avenue



Drop in for coffee and help church

The Queen had an annus horribilis that lasted 12 months – well mine was over fourteen.

The loss of sight caused me a great deal of sadness – I was unable to venture out for over six months in the evenings, it cost me positions on committees, and people who were not aware of the situation believed I was not doing the job they had entrusted me to do.

It was sad to say the least.

Then, when you think all is lost, two wonderful things happened: I kept my seat on the Borough Council and my daughter Victoria, just like 
her mother, was awarded an MBE.

True I lost Graham, who I still believe would have been a wonderful ambassador for Blackpool.

We, with the help of all you wonderful Blackpool people, at my various coffee mornings, raised funds for Blackpool Scouts to join the world Jamboree, helped the people’s committee to continue their good work, making sure all their members were out and about enjoying their afternoon with dancing, games of Bingo, etc.

Now the reason for the letter is that the last coffee morning of 2015 at St Christopher’s, on the December 5, is going to be our way of thanking the church for all their help this year, and the money we make will all go towards the Church funds.

The coffee morning with be between 10am and noon, so there will still time for a little Christmas shopping when we close.

Thank you everyone who has given all their time and support, especially for making me get up and go again.

Coun Lily Henderson MBE

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You can help a family this Christmas

Christmas can be a wonderful time of year for parties, celebrations and making wonderful memories with friends and family, but in the midst of this thousands of families will be spending this festive season either in hospital or at home caring for their seriously ill child.

Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity will be supporting families across the country over the Christmas period, ensuring they get the support they need to help make life just that little bit easier. Their Family Support Workers provide practical and emotional support to families and at Christmas allow parents some respite to do their Christmas shopping, create memories with siblings and sick children by visiting Santa, or are there to listen during the difficult days.

I am a proud supporter of this incredible, caring charity and I urge your readers to help this Christmas by making a donation to fund more Family Support Worker time with families this Christmas. To make a donation visit www.rainbowtrust.org.uk/donate, call 01372 363438 or text Rainbow to 70111.

Hugo Taylor

Made in Chelsea star and founder of Taylor Morris