Letters - November 24, 2015

healthy breakfast
healthy breakfast
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Free meals should go to the poorest

I write regarding your article headlined Breakfast Doubles Classroom Results (Gazette November 21). I am not a Tory voter, but I do believe some parents could afford to give their children a healthy breakfast before going to school.

The money saved could go towards saving a few of the council staff jobs. Everyone would agree free breakfasts should go to the poor and vulnerable children and must not be scrapped.

Even I remember the good old days when poor children were given free dinners and extra bottles of milk.

This was the days a horse and van delivered bread to the shops and coal delivered by horse and cart, other goods by hand -barrows. There was no central heating in those days. Also no TVs, computers, tablets, mobile phones etc. Breakfast then was a bowl of porridge, strange concotions on bread like dripping or condensed milk – bread was essential for filling up. My nightmare was eating large plates of tripe. Mammy could buy a penny marrowbone from the butchers and make soup with vegetables. A stew (small cut of meat) could be eked out adding doughballs.

Mammy would save coupons from the ration book and at weekends we could visit the small sweet shop – an array of large glass jars, just like Aladdin’s cave. Chidren could chew, lick, crunch, suck gobstoppers, liquorice sticks, sherbet, dolly mixtures, jelly babies etc. The clinics handed out free cod liver oil, jars of malt, orange juice.

As children we never noticed the decay and squalor around us. Our world was play. In later life we all went on to university.

So I do believe today some people could afford a healthy breakfast for their children. As long as the poor and vulnerable children are catered for with a free school breakfast.

P O’Connor

Portland Road



We must know who is crossing borders

The idea of open borders between the members of the EEC is at best pie in the sky and at worst criminal, and we are seeing the results of this policy in Paris.

The Paris Police say they have slain the planner of this debacle, but this man was very well known to the security forces, so how did he get to Paris without being spotted? There is something lacking somewhere.

Angela Merkel and her cohorts have decreed borders must be open to allow free movement, but this is rubbish and we are now reaping the results of that edict.

It is essential that we know is crossing our borders, and what business they have in the country of entry.

We have another idiot leading the Labour party who thinks you can apply the rule of law to the lawless.

Why don’t you emigrate to Germany, Mr Corbyn, you and Angela Merkel will get on like a house on fire?

How these people get to lead political parties I will never know.

Bruce Allen

Hawkshead Terrace



Hunt is the one to get Bevan spinning

The headline for Barry Clayton’s letter in the Gazette was Nye Bevan must be turning in his grave (Your Say, November 20). Yes, I agree Nye must be, also Clement Attlee and many other Labour leaders who put country first before the pursuit of private profit.

They would be appalled at the antics of the Tory health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, for his handling of our NHS which is truly diabolical.

NHS staff pay frozen for years at one per cent. Many trusts in the red. There is a severe and growing shortage of doctors and nurses, which is creating great unrest in our NHS. Patient care will suffer, and this is of concern as winter approaches. Coupled with the cuts already levied on the police and local government, things are not good in the country as a whole. While the top 10 per cent are enjoying a boost in their incomes, thanks to changes brought in by this government.

What I find both irritating and amusing are Barry’s constant attacks on Labour’s leader. He resorts to cherry-picking Jeremy Corbyn’s remarks and using them totally out of context. That can only be described as dirty politics, and Barry is an intelligent man who knows exactly what he is doing.

However, it is amusing because he feels that dirty tactics can/will cloud readers’ opinions. Whereas I believe the truth will always prevail.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn continues to speak in measured tones at Prime Minister’s Question time; whilst David Cameron shouts almost hysterically to hide his complete inability to answer a question properly.

Jack Croysdill

via email


Labour MPs have to act to save the party

For 40 years I have worked alongside some of the poorest communities in England.

They need hope. That includes the hope of a Labour government.

Under Corbyn there is no such hope. Corbyn is nothing more than a backbench rebel rouser. He is out of his depth.

Only Labour MPs can save us from defeat at the next general election. They need to act swiftly before Corbyn’s hard-left allies succeed in taking the Labour party forever.

The hard left is the greatest threat to the poor working class, and middle class, than any other in this country.

Labour MPs: Please act ASAP to save our party and country.

As an MP who voted against his own party 500 times, Corbyn deserves no loyalty.

Rev Graham Nelson

via email