Letters - November 23, 2015

People look at floral tributes and candles left at Place de la Republique in Paris following the terrorist attacks on Friday evening. PIC: PA
People look at floral tributes and candles left at Place de la Republique in Paris following the terrorist attacks on Friday evening. PIC: PA
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No one knows when tragedy will happen

The unspeakable atrocities and slaughter in Paris on Friday, November 13, render us all in deep shock and disbelief.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who lost loved ones, for their pain and sorrow will change their lives forever. It brings home to us how very vulnerable we are, and how life can be snuffed out in the twinkling of an eye.

We also realise how very precious are the members of our own family, also our friendships, for both of these are the very fabric of our lives and make life worth living day by day. So cherish your loves ones, make peace with estranged members of your family, for no one knows when tragedy will happen.

Mrs J Geddes

Whitemoss Avenue



BHS are providing a valuable service

Further to the comments received in “Your Say” about the toilets in BHS, I would like to add my opinion

The letters are incorrect in one way or another. First, the disabled toilet does not have any lock on it, and as for your human rights Mr Boyce (Letters, Tuesday, November 10) I think you would find if people started to relieve themselves in the doorways you would be committing an offence and would end up getting arrested.

Also, I have been in the store on a number of occasions and I am a regular shopper in BHS, I have on occasion not made a purchase, I have asked a staff member and if there has been a large queue to use the disabled (with no lock attached) they have let me into the toilets.

Over the years, I have heard the staff receive a torrent of abuse about the state of the toilets, I have also seen vagrants in the toilets empty alcohol bottles in them.

I have noticed a much-improved toilet facility since these customer locks were introduced, and as a regular customer I am glad of this.

Stores only have toilets because of cafe facilities, so there are many shops that don’t have toilets. Do people go into these stores and ask to use the toilet? I think not.

So instead of people complaining, they should be glad at least the store is trying to improve its facilities for customers and not catering for people that don’t want to go to the array of public toilets on the promenade, which are perfectly clean by the way and pay 20p.

Mrs S Seabright

Grange Park


Can you provide a happy ending?

Can you help? A lovely black and white fluffy cat has gone missing in the Newton Drive area of Blackpool.

I know lots of cats go missing but my daughter Janine, who runs a shop called Shampoodles on Watson Road, has bought this to my attention. The owner is one of her customers who is very poorly and waiting for a heart transplant. She has had to re-home her dog and her two cats, but one got out after 24 hoursand it has never been found. It has no ID chip or collar.

Someone may have taken her in, which is fine, but we would just like to know or is she still looking for her other home on Central Drive.

Fluffy’s owner has been in Victoria Hospital for the last seven weeks, and was transferred to Wythenshawe on Thursday. She wasn’t told for a few weeks for fear of upsetting her, but after a while her friend finally told her, so it hasn’t helped the situation.

She is obviously very worried. It would be fantastic if Fluffy was found, and it was a very happy ending for all. It was lost on Newton Drive and came from the Central Drive area.

Mrs A Elgee

Common Edge Road



Germans telling the PM what to do

We need to come out of the European Union telling us what to do, the same with what laws we should use and not use, dictating on what immigrants this country should take. We have got a Prime Minister who is pussy-footing about with this country, letting this German chancellor Merkel tell him what to do, along with others.

This country must not allow the European Union to tell us how to use our security measures.

It is time everybody to bring in UKIP, as a deterrent.

P Jones



Why are we closing our power stations?

Closing the UK’s coal-fired power stations within a decade will light up the environmentally-correct brigade with joy, but that doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do.

I understand the leaning for new gas-fired and nuclear replacements, but until they are functioning we should not be arranging to close down these existing power stations, which provide around a quarter of all the UK’s electricity.

It’s all very well the National Grid claiming that we don’t need to worry about the lights going out but I do worry about it. And I also worry about the tens of thousands living in fuel poverty, particularly pensioners.

Energy minister Amber Rudd is proposing the coal-fired station closures under the banner of energy security, but it doesn’t seem very secure to me if she means ever more dependence on politically unstable sources like Russia.

Why is the UK planning to close ours when other EU countries are building them, and Poland is refusing to give up its coal capacity?

Paul Nuttall

UKIP North West MEP and deputy party leader