Letters - November 19, 2015

Helen Harrison, conductor of Blackpool Symphony Orchestra.
Helen Harrison, conductor of Blackpool Symphony Orchestra.
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Music inspired on a wet and windy night

On Saturday, November 14, we had the pleasure of attending a musical night of Handel, Stravinsky and Dvorak.

What a night of entertainment it was by the Blackpool Symphony Orchestra, led by Helen Andrews and conducted by Helen Harrison. (Why do the Proms need to import conductors, when we have the effervescent Helen Harrison?)

The weather was foul, but the music was inspiring and very entertaining.

Deputy Mayor Coun Tony Brown

via email


Bag tax is not a blanket charge

I write regarding the letter headlined ‘Change is not always for the better’ (Your Say, November 16).

Can I just say that the store you bought your pre packed salmon from was wrong to charge you the 5p tax.

The Government has already issued the rule book for retailers on when they will and won’t have to charge for plastic bags, but it contains some loopholes.

Small shops are exempt from charging, only shops with 250 full-time workers have to charge. Shops in places of transit such as airports, or on board trains, airplanes or ships will also be exempt.

If you buy raw fish or meat the tax also doesn’t apply, but a bag for cooked food must be paid for.

If the salmon was raw, then the store was wrong to charge for a plastic bag. Takeaway food or food sold in containers not secure enough to prevent leakage during normal handling can also be carried home in a plastic bag for free.

Shops that abuse the loophole will be fined up to £5,000 by their local authority and will be named and shamed.

Name and address supplied


Are Western lives worth more?

Why are the French, well not just the French... so surprised at retaliation by militants of countries that they have bombed and burnt with impunity?

Why don’t they understand that if you class innocent friends and family and countryman as ‘just collateral damage’ when they are caught up in the extinction of terrorists, that they will be very annoyed!

Just as annoyed as the friends and family of the victims in the Paris tragedy.

It’s as if the lives in foreign incidents are worthless.

Around the time of the Paris incident, 147 university students were massacred in Africa.

Where are the ‘meejah’? Well, five-star Paris is better than some dump in darkest Africa, isn’t it!

Keith Hallam

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Leading the party into oblivion

In case anyone was in any doubt, Corbyn the coward will lead Labour into political and social oblivion.

This gutless throwback from the past will do Labour more harm than good and, by the time Labour wakes up to the danger, it will be too late.

Like Michael Foot before him, Corbyn is a liability and can never hope to lead Labour anywhere other than into outright and utter disgrace.

Joseph G Dawson

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Cuts are a threat 
to our safety

Government cuts to the police in Lancashire are going to be so severe it will virtually annihilate the service.

Although most people recognise the necessity of cut-backs to stabilise our economy, these cuts are so deep they could threaten our safety as citizens.

Dedicated policing teams which deal with cyber security, child abuse investigations, neighbourhood policing, road policing, violent crime, and dog and mounted units will either go or be stripped back so drastically as to be virtually ineffectual.

In this troubled world, criminals who know this will simply be encouraged to do their worst without fear of retribution.

Far right demonstrators may be encouraged to go further knowing there are fewer bodies to deal with them.

In other words we will not be protected as we should as a society. This is not what the government of any country should be doing and, in my opinion, is unlawful in itself.

We should be insisting on sensible cuts to the police budget so that they can operate efficiently on behalf of the people of Lancashire.

Name and address supplied


There is help for Blackpool families

It is unlikely that any changes to the proposed tax credit cuts made by Chancellor George Osborne will help many of the families already struggling to put food on the table. The steady erosion of services has already had a deep effect.

As Christmas approaches, we would like to make Gazette readers aware of the help that is available to disadvantaged families in Blackpool who may be hit hardest by these cuts.

Our Small Grants Programme is designed to help ensure that children who are experiencing very difficult circumstances where their safety, health or development is at risk, still have their basic material needs met.

This means we can provide fast relief from a critical situation by providing basic items, such as a bed, fridge, or cooker to give them a hot meal.

Anyone working with families affected by these issues and could benefit from our support, visit the Buttle UK website www.buttleuk.org/ or go through your local authority or voluntary sector.

Gerri McAndrew

Chief Executive, Buttle UK