Letters - November 17, 2015

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Well done for reports from Bloomfield Road

My family and I wish to say a big well done to Will Watt for his recent articles on BFC.

We don’t need to cover any of the detail, that is well known to all readers. However, we would like to say that Will’s reporting, with the support of the Gazette, has been factual, honest and forthright. None of the reports have been personal in their nature, merely a representation of your readers – which is your public and community duty.

Your honesty has obviously rattled the Oystons and boss Neil McDonald, and their response has been extremely petulant to say the very least.

We are convinced that one day, as fans of BFC and the community of Blackpool, we will regain our football club.

When this occurs, you as our local media can continue to hold your heads high; as can Will as a professional reporter, Blackpool lad and BFC supporter.

The Hamilton family



Will we still invite migrants to town?

Councillor Blackburn, I’m from your ward, and I voted for you. Following the atrocious attacks in Paris, and the information that the terrorists are coming in to the EU pretending to be refugees, do you still intend to invite them, (the refugees) to our town?

If so, are you taking precautions to make sure that these people are genuine and no danger to us?

Name and address supplied

terror attacks

Online checks will help to protect us

The barbaric acts committed in Paris on November 13 by religious fanatics, who have no regard for human life, are a sombre reminder of how vulnerable democratic societies are to terrorism.

The agenda of Isis is to eradicate all Westerners, Jews and apostates from lands in the Middle East which they claim are theirs. To achieve their aims, they will kill at random and destroy at will. They represent unvarnished evil.

In addition, they use propaganda as a major weapon. Hence, the more we analyse and discuss their savage acts in the media, the more we play into their hands. Propaganda is their oxygen, they thrive on it.

In view of the cold-blooded murder of the innocent, perhaps those misguided individuals who recently protested at government plans to tighten security by greater checks on emails and the social media might like to think again.

Far too many people seem to regard what they see as an infringement of human rights as more important than being protected against barbarians.

Dr Barry Clayton

Fieldfare Close



We should know 
of internet dangers

As a father, I worry about the dangers facing my children online. While the internet is a fantastic resource, it’s also home to potential offenders searching for young victims. With devices such as smart phones and gaming consoles a part of most children’s lives, it’s never been easier for perpetrators to contact them.

So it’s concerning to hear a poll for Barnardo’s reveals half of young people surveyed admit their parents don’t really know what they do online.

It’s essential that parents understand the technology children are using and who they’re talking to online, so we can protect them from abusers pretending to be friends.

Parents and professionals need to be more aware of the technologies children use and talk to them about what they’re doing online. The Government, industry and voluntary sector need to implement measures to prevent sexual abuse and exploitation happening online. And we need to give children vital sex education and healthy relationship lessons, so they’re aware of the risks online.

Today one of the biggest dangers facing our children is the one we can’t see. The most important question we should be asking our children is, ‘what’s happening online?’

Javed Khan

Barnardo’s Chief Executive


Thanks to all you charitable ghouls

Diabetes UK wants to thank all the glorious ghouls and wicked witches from Blackpool who got into the spirit of dressing up for our Dress Diabolical event, raising vital funds.

From devilish children to zombie bus drivers, hundreds of people from all over the UK got sponsored to dress up and have fun on Friday 30 October.

And we’re sure film director Tim Burton, who backed the campaign, would have appreciated the sight of Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice working hard in an office. Money raised will help us to fund research into diabetes, campaign on key issues, and offer education and support to more people who are living with the condition.

There are now 3.9 million people with diabetes in the UK, a number that is growing rapidly – but the right support at the right time can help people to manage their condition and live long, healthy lives.

If you would like to take part in one of our fundraising events, see what we have coming up at diabetes.org.uk/fundraising

Stephen Ryan

Regional Manager, 
Diabetes UK