Letters - Monday, January 6, 2020

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Time to feel benefits  of a dry start to year

It can be difficult to say no to a drink.
In fact, our new research shows that almost four in five (78 per cent) Brits drink more than they want or intend to. Over one in five (23 per cent) feel pressured to drink more than they want to by people they know: most often by friends and colleagues.
These findings show that lots of us are drinking in ways that we don’t feel comfortable with, but it can be tricky to know how to make a change. Signing up for Dry January is a brilliant place to start.
Being alcohol-free shows us we don’t need alcohol to have fun, to relax, or socialise. Strong evidence tells us that Dry January helps people – even heavy drinkers – to drink more healthily all year round.
People who take on Dry January get a whole host of benefits, from losing weight to more money in their pockets and healthier insides. That’s why an amazing one in 10 drinkers will be taking up the challenge in 2020.
So if you’re up for resetting your relationship with alcohol and improving your health, sign up for Dry January at dryjanuary.org.uk or download the free app for Dry January and beyond, Try Dry.
People who sign-up are twice as likely to go the whole month without drinking compared who those who try to do it alone.
Dr Richard Piper
CEO of Alcohol Change UK, the charity behind Dry January

Time to ditch ‘Little Englander’ insults
I stand amazed that the absurd term ‘Little Englanders’ is still being bandied about.
It has been used with pathetic frequency to take a free shot at those who have had the effrontery to see through the dishonesty of the European Union.
As name-calling, it is puerile, abusive, petty-minded and wickedly inaccurate.
Are so many Remainers
blind to the fact that the UK is now going to be a fully global economy rather than being limited to the strait jacket of a limited, inward-looking customs union?
Can they not see that we shall still be trading with our friends across the Continent? They certainly make it sound as if they are unable to grasp the most basic of concepts.
We are moving away from being a vassal state to enjoying true sovereign status.
Never have there been more exciting, optimistic times over my many decades.
Les Arnott
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Different to the original Carol

I watched all three episodes of the BBC One version of A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens.
To me, it was nowhere near the same as the original by Dickens or even the other four movie versions of it.
It was the first version I’ve ever known where Scrooge is a mine owner.
First of all, the three-part BBC version allowed swearing in it and there was no swearing at all in the original Dickens’ novel or even in the four other movie versions.
I think the BBC
ruined it by including swearing, especially the F word. For that reason I shall never buy a DVD of that three-part series.
It is a bad influence on the young because of the swearing in it.
A few other things happened in it that deviated from the original Dickens novel and that went down badly with me too.
I was quite disgusted with the BBC version of A Christmas Carol.
Mr R N Coupe
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Great Malone on lousy TV

Executives at the BBC responsible for the lousy Christmas schedule - with the exception of Gareth Malone’s Christmas
concert featuring staff and patients at Watford Hospital – should find other employment.
Peter Rickaby
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Can they fix the other bridge too

I read with interest that the M6 will be closed in January, between junctions 32-33,
to remove a bridge that isn’t up to standard.
I have just a simple question on this matter.
Would it be possible to repair the bridge that was struck by a wagon earlier this year (at the same time)?
Surely then you would only have to close the motorway for one weekend, thus saving money and inconvenience for us, the general public.
Phillip Green