Letters - Monday, January 13, 2020

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‘Disgraceful attack on our brave soldiers’

Royston Jones’ letter (Your Say, January 9) is a disgraceful attack on our brave soldiers. It displays a woeful ignorance of military training and a prejudiced view of recruitment.

To say that the Army is “preying on vulnerable teenagers”, and that the military are spying on teenagers who are “binge drinkers, social media addicts and gym fanatics” is not only absurd it is scurrilous and disgraceful.

The Armed Services inculcate: self-reliance, confidence, honesty, discipline and encourage a need to think before acting.

These are attributes that are also needed in civilian life.

He describes military training as “an abusive process designed to condition recruits to obey orders without question”.

He clearly is confusing military training with ultra left-wing government.

Presumably he would prefer soldiers faced with a serious threat to sit down and have a discussion about what to do!

This is ignorance personified.

His letter is a muddled tirade that betrays an astonishing ignorance of military life. But it tells us a great deal about Royston Jones.

He should be ashamed of his display of ignorance.

Colonel (retired)

Barry Clayton

Thornton Cleveleys


Thank you Gordon, we wish you well!

The election is over, it’s a little quieter on the western front, the Tories had a landslide victory, I think the new MP for Blackpool South will do a good job.

But yes there is a but.

The outgoing MP Mr Gordon Marsden (pictured) was with us for ever, 22 years, he was an excellent MP, always on his feet in Westminster fighting for Blackpool and he helped many people with their problems, we should not forget that.

I would like to say thank you Mr Marsden and may I wish you well in the future.

Jill Brownhill

Knowsley Avenue



Left ignoring

threat of Iran

Time will tell whether the killing of Soleimani will prove to be ill-advised or not but it is clear that the ‘Corbynistas’, nationally and locally, have learned nothing from the General Election result when it comes to supporting our interests.

Iran is a totalitarian state but, far worse, it is a prolific exporter of terror operations and supporter of countless terrorist organisations hostile to the west and our allies.

The key figure in this has been Soleimani, who had the blood of thousands of people on his hands, not just western soldiers and citizens but countless Sunni Muslims.

This bloodshed has passed Corbyn and his supporters completely by.

They are so consumed with hatred of Donald Trump (and the West?) that one looks in vain for any recognition from them of the reality of Soleimani and Iran.

Instead they continue to give the benefit of doubt to our enemies.

Neil Cartwright

via email


Don’t put up with bad service

Given how taxpayers had to subsidise the banks at the time of the global crash, the least we should expect, in return, is decent customer service and the retention of a local branch service.

If Boris Johnson has any sense, he will appoint a consumer champion to ensure that banks, and post offices for that matter, maintain certain standards of service, before it is too late.

Sam Vaughn

via email


With privilege comes responsibility

Prince Harry and his wife wish to step back from royal duties, yet remain “royal” to enable them to earn money. How very convenient, cake and eat it springs to mind.

Don’t they realise, with privilege comes responsibility.

Peter Rickaby

address supplied