Letters - May 6, 2015

Peta Bogat who has worked at mum's shop Daphne's for 55 years
Peta Bogat who has worked at mum's shop Daphne's for 55 years
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I was sorry to see the closure of Daphne’s Milliners after 55 glorious years of service on Alexandria Drive, St Annes, (Gazette May 1).

One of the last in the trade, Peta Bogat, 75, has been such an iconic feature of Alexandria Drive, which has a fine selection of shops and even an Art Gallery (Drift Art) and a Thai Restaurant!

Sadly missed, Daphne’s has been such an integral part of our community.

Providing such an ‘old fashioned’ personal touch, a delightful shop bringing a touch of class and nostalgia to our high street.

I am pleased, however, to see the unit will not become ‘empty’ as already a sign reads: ‘Opening Soon Restored Furniture and Other Nice Things.’

Alexandria Drive is such a vibrant shopping experience.

I do long for the return of a good butchers and greengrocer.

The closure of Booths Butchers due to retirement still leaves a scar.

We are fortunate to have such a fine collection of businesses locally and we should embrace them.

I do enjoy popping into our local shops and supporting local businesses and the friendly personal customer service they bring.

Enjoy your well earned retirement, Peta, you so richly deserve it! I tip my hat for you!

Andrew Noble

Derbe Road

St Annes


Town fans

As Huddersfield Town fans we paid £48 for tickets, travelled for seven and a half hours to get to Blackpool on Friday, spent two nights in B&B and it took us five hours to return.

As we actually saw 48 minutes of football played on a cabbage patch on a cold drizzly day, it might seem churlish to those in the North West for me to express an opinion in these terms.

Lee Clark is quoted as saying that he could not condemn the Blackpool fans for their actions. Ridiculous.

The rule of law is a fundamental principle of civilised society and mob rule runs absolutely contrary to this.

Why on earth did the police and stewards make no attempt to clear the pitch?

It was not a peaceful protest as it prevented a legitimate activity from taking place.

The antics of some fans were deliberately provocative (did the Blackpool fan really need to moon at the crowd?) and frustrated more than just the 2,300 Town fans.

People who sit down in the road or in front of factory gates get dragged away.

The Blackpool fans had made their point and should have left the pitch after doing so.

Their fans and the police should hang their heads in shame. It cannot be allowed to happen again and Town fans should be compensated!

Philip Hyde



Jayne’s view

Who does Jayne Dawson think she is criticising some of the most famous celebrities in television history? (Gazette May 2).

The only thing I can put it down to is professional jealousy.

Most of the acts she mentioned have got where they are today due to hard work and talent.

What is your claim to fame Jayne, apart from doing a very poor impression of Katie Hopkins? As for the piercing, don’t you think it’s a bit late in life for this kind of thing?

Malcolm Boyce

Deepdale Road