Letters - May 5, 2015

Fleetwood Rotarians have been collecting money in aid of the recovery effort following the devastating earthquake in Nepal
Fleetwood Rotarians have been collecting money in aid of the recovery effort following the devastating earthquake in Nepal
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We express our profound sadness and extend our sympathies to all those affected by the devastation resulting from the April 25 deadly earthquake in Nepal.

As we mourn the thousands of lost lives, Rotary joins many international agencies in providing immediate relief to survivors and mobilising our expertise to support long-term recovery and rebuilding efforts.

Can I please express the thanks of the Rotary Club of Fleetwood to all the visitors to Fleetwood Freeport following the weekend collection there, in aid of the Nepal Earthquake disaster relief.

In weather which largely resembled February rather than May, the Fleetwood Rotarians collected the magnificent total of £1,148.

Our thanks must also go to the management of Fleetwood Freeport for their generous permission to hold the collection.

The monies will be shared between Rotary District 3292, Nepal, which has established a disaster relief fund to provide needed equipment and supplies to affected communities, Aquabox, a Rotary service partner which provides the means of providing clean drinking water for victims, and another of Rotary’s service partners, ShelterBox, which is working closely with Nepali Rotarians to coordinate immediate relief efforts.

On Monday April 27 and Wednesday April 29, Rotarians greeted ShelterBox response teams in Nepal who will mobilise temporary housing and relief efforts.

An initial 1,000 housing tents and 1,000 shelter kits will be distributed throughout affected communities.

Two more ShelterBox relief teams and additional kits are ready to be deployed once further assessments are complete.

Yours with grateful thanks to all concerned.

Robert Wright


Rotary Club of Fleetwood



Following the Blackpool match being abandoned after the pitch invasion on Saturday I hear that the FA and the police are quite rightly looking at CCTV of the affair to see those responsible for causing the trouble.

I trust that in the search of fair justice it is hoped that the police do look at the CCTV images which show the directors box containing the club chairman.

Stephen Brookes MBE




I believe that for three years after a football club exits the Premier League, they receive a ‘ parachute’ payment of approximately £3m per year.

Blackpool Football Club has dropped from the Premier League in three years to League One.

According to the Rich List, Owen Oysten and family are worth £110m.

Name and address supplied


Needs action

My friends from London who visited Blackpool recently were shocked at the state of the Syndicate nightclub.

Unfortunately this partial demolition site could remain in a ‘limbo’ position for quite some time unless a solution is found to resolve the dispute between Blackpool Council and one of the biggest mobile phone network operators in the world.

It’s reported the demolition was abruptly halted due to the mobile phone antenna masts positioned on the roof of this historic building.

If a valid telecommunications lease agreement was in place prior to Blackpool Council purchasing the freehold, surely this significant undertaking was highlighted during the conveyancing period by both legal parties before completion.

The freehold was over purchased two years ago below market value.

In fairness a building of that size requires a well financed operator to do the job properly and inherit such a big undertaking .

The recognised squeeze on banks lending to the leisure industry is one of the reasons buildings like the former ABC Theatre are on the market in several towns in the UK.

It is regretful this building is earmarked for demolition as the ABC Theatre has rich heritage from Blackpool’s glory days as the entertainment capital of the North.

I’m all in favour of Blackpool’s regeneration, but how is the town expected to move forward displaying the ruins of a building on the fringe of the town centre?

A possible solution would be for the head of legal affairs at Blackpool Council to negotiate a transfer deal with the telecommunications operator to relocate their masks on to the roof section of the new council buildings at Bickerstaffe Square.

If it’s technically feasible it’s worth exploring as a viable option.

It is likely the ongoing calculated cost of scaffolding hire and damage to the image of the town in its current dormant state now far outweigh the freehold purchase price tenfold.

However this case is argued, defended or measured, it is an embarrassing saga which could have been prevented.

Stephen Pierre

Topping Street