Letters - May 14, 2015

Sarah Colledge is the Official Starter for The Race For Life in Blackpool
Sarah Colledge is the Official Starter for The Race For Life in Blackpool
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Booze sales

There have been articles recently in The Gazette about some businesses having their applications for alcohol 
licences rejected because of the amount of shops already selling alcohol in that area.

But how is it the council can allow another shop to open on St Annes Road, South Shore, when there are already a few shops in that area selling 

There is already a high police presence in the area and so there really should be a 
rethink about this.

Do we really need another convenience store and fast food chain in that area?


South Shore


Cancer fight

Having read in Eve about 
Sarah Colledge’s ongoing battle with cancer (Gazette, May 5), could I just add to it.

I’ve known Sarah for the past few years before this terrible disease took hold.

Sarah cared for my late wife who was a dementia sufferer, and Sarah was an extremely pleasant and caring person.

I send her my love and best wishes in her fight against cancer.


Hazelwood Close




In response to Mr Bennett’s letter (Your Say, May 9), it is simply not true that I have ever stated that the proposal to have health listed as a fifth licensing objective was my idea.

I have, as an individual, joined a chorus of people throughout the country seeking to have this implemented as legislation.

As reported in The Gazette article of Tuesday, May 5, the proposal which I brought to Unite at a local level is now to be taken to the union’s Executive Council in June to be considered as national Unite policy.

I would like to clarify that I have no connection with the Blackpool Alcohol inquiry work undertaken at the Cherwell Centre Grange Park and I have no knowledge of receiving any paperwork in connection with this enquiry.

I hope this now clarifies any misunderstandings that Mr Bennett may have.

Dave Blacker

Chair of Talbot Gateway and Talbot PACT


Not fair?

I would like to start by thanking everyone that helped with the election.

The candidates, those who leafleted, the tellers and counting agents, but not least of all those who voted for us.

On first reflection it would appear that we failed, however that would be untrue.

We achieved a 13 per cent average of the overall vote, an increase of 10 per cent on the previous General Election.

We have a system that is 

SNP had eight per cent of the overall votes and have 56 seats, UKIP have 12 per cent yet only one seat. UKIP have 21 times the vote of the DUP yet they have eight seats.

‘First past the post’ is unfit for purpose because the system is rigged in favour of the larger parties.

Everyone that votes is entitled to be represented. Here in Blackpool, more than 15,000 voters have no representative on the council.

We now have two challenges in front of us; a fight for proportional representation and a fight for the in/out referendum in 2017.

We are growing, with new members joining us week on week, the results will come, as long as we keep fighting.

Warwick Howlett

Chairman UKIP Blackpool



Each year the Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry Battlefield Tours organise pilgrimages to the battle areas of the First World War.

The tours in August and 
September will cover France and Belgium.

This year we plan to visit the Somme battlefields, the Ypres Salient, Arras, Vimy Ridge and Loos Battlefield areas, if requested.

This year is the centenary of the second Battle of Ypres and the Battle of Loos.

The trips specialise in visitng specific cemeteries or memorials and an experienced battlefield guide will accompany each trip to commentate on the various battles and historic events that have occurred.

We can also assist people in tracing war graves from the First World War.

The K.O.Y.L.I. battlefield pilgrimages was formed as a charitable hobby in 1990 by ex-servicemen who have many years of practical experience. We are a not-for-profit organisation.

Please send a medium sized S.A.E. envelope for any postal replies.

John Battye

32 Rhodes Street


Castleford WF10 5LL