Letters - March 9, 2015

Lost Archives - The Tower cafe (latterly the Tower Lounge) Blackpool 1949
Lost Archives - The Tower cafe (latterly the Tower Lounge) Blackpool 1949
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In 2008 the Mariners Arms Pub at the bottom of Norbreck Road, after being empty for a considerable time, burnt down, and has stood as a complete eyesore ever since.

Last summer, I brought this to the attention of Blackpool Council chief executive Neil Jack who was visiting Norbreck Road with the ‘Council Couch’.

Don Clapham, the councillor for that area, stood in front of this eyesore pictured in The Gazette some time later, saying we do not know who the site belongs to but the site will be cleaned up and boarded over soon.

It is now seven months on and still it is an eyesore with people tipping rubbish, carpets, various pieces of funiture and black bags.

The Norbreck Castle Hotel stands across the road, a 480 bedroom hotel which is full most of the year.

I am ashamed to walk past it hearing comments about the state of the place

Just how much longer do the council tax paying residents have to put up with this.

Linda Greatorex



Prized venue

It was some months ago now that The Gazette’s Lost Archives section featured a lovely old picture of the Tower cafe back in its 1940’s and 50’s 

So I read with interest 
(Gazette, March 3) about new plans for this fabulous old venue.

I never understood (outside of the money it surely gleaned for its owners, of course) why this prime site was allowed to become what it did which was a high street booze den.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against pubs or visitors having a good time (it’s why they come here), but I always felt the Tower Lounge should have been retained as what it once was which was a classy venue.

So good luck to the council in its bid to breathe new “family-friendly” life into this historic part of Blackpool Tower.

I for one cannot wait to see what will happen next.

Let’s hope it is something original and a real crowd 

Sheila Kay

address supplied


Not fracking

It would seem that Mr Francis Egan, the CEO of Cuadrilla is getting desperate.

In his attempts, once again, to ‘buy’ his way into the social heart of Lancashire by bidding to sponsor the ‘Be Inspired Business Awards’ he is trying to claim fracking can provide investment and job creation in major infrastructure projects.

However, his activities will destroy, not enhance, the 
Fylde countryside.

Major infrastructure 
projects needed to boost the economy in Lancashire will go ahead, when and where required, in accordance with the LCC Local Transport plan 
without Mr Egan and Cuadrilla.

Mr G. Daniels

Westby with Plumptons


Bus problem

I was interested to read the article about Amanda Duncan who suffered from Bell’s Palsy, (Gazette, March 5).

In 1965 I was a bus driver and this was a common problem with a lot of my colleagues due to having the side window open in the cab.

It was caused by a draught on the right side of the face, causing temporary paralysis.

Malcolm Boyce

Deepdale Road




Last week my 92-year-old mother collapsed outside BHS. Somebody called an ambulance for her as she was unconscious, a paramedic
 arrived, followed closely by an ambulance who took her to the Victoria hospital all within the space of, she thinks, half an hour.

Many thanks to all the people involved and how reassuring there are still good people around, and an ambulance service in this instance second to none.

Ms C A 

By email