Letters - March 6, 2015

Picture of Northern Rail Class 142 Pacer diesel multiple unit 142021
Picture of Northern Rail Class 142 Pacer diesel multiple unit 142021
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Need better

How long will the good people of Blackpool and the Fylde be fobbed off by Westminster politicians posing as elected representatives of our towns?

The rail fiasco is symptomatic of the problem.

Lancastrians are ignored by all the main political parties.

To quote Matt Squires (Gazette Editorial February 27), Pacer trains show we are second class.

“Rail users here deserve better than to be treated second best. And it is not acceptable for us to simply be expected to put up with it.”

With the election looming, the residents of Blackpool and Fylde have the opportunity to send a clear message to the main Westminster Parties, ‘‘we will not put up with it any longer’.

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas is proposing a bill in Parliament that will reduce fares by 10 per cent and bring our railways back into public ownership.

They should provide a quality, affordable service to be proud of, not a honey pot for big business.

Gordon Sinclair

Smithy Mews




I’m grateful to my Labour opponent for giving me a chance to talk about my own commitment to Blackpool North and Cleveleys, though find it a little strange he should choose to muddy the election waters by suggesting I am somehow not trying hard enough (Your Say February 28).

Most constituents are well aware how hard I work – they keep on telling me that in the street. This has been my only job since day one of being elected.

Indeed, I made the commitment of making my life here in Bispham a number of years before being elected in fact. Of course, being an MP isn’t just a ‘full-time job’, it’s a vocation, and like many publics sector jobs in the NHS or our schools, it isn’t just 9 to 5, as I’m hard at it seven days a week, whenever the people I serve need me.

And I’m also grateful to have the chance to reiterate that I have already made clear that if re-elected, and if MPs do receive the pay rise I don’t believe is needed and which I don’t want, any extra post-taxation income I receive will go towards a fund to support projects addressing two key needs in the local community – opportunities for our young people, and tackling loneliness amongst the elderly.

Paul Maynard MP


Blackpool North & Cleveleys



Isn’t it marvellous how a forthcoming election prompts candidates to emerge from the woodwork to send in letter after letter to The Gazette just to get their name in print.

The latest being Mrs Angela Brown, who asks who is Sam Rushworth (Your Say March 4). I am not surprised she asks this question as she lives in her own little Tory bubble along with Mr Maynard who incidentally we only see at Tory events.

When Labour MPs or councillors are present at community events he seems to disappear.

Mrs Brown, who just coincidentally happens to be standing as a local candidate, has not been seen supporting anything in the local area since the last time she stood four years ago when she attended a few PACT meetings prior to the elections.

So don’t ask “who is Sam Rusworth?” when he has been out and about in the constituency for the last 18 months.

David Wright

Branch secretary (Greenlands and Warbreck Labour party)


Some scared

I agree the ‘Nails in Sausages’ (Gazette February 28) is a terrible situation, but I would like to point out we have a dog walking area in the park (over by the model village.)

I have seen a dog with a duck its mouth by the lake trying to kill it.

This was witnessed by my two-year-old son and various others who also witnessed the abuse I was given when I shouted the dog should be on a lead. Please make the park for families, we all like to have a walk not just dog walkers.

Make dog walkers use their areas and put dogs on leads in other areas because we all want to use the park and not be scared of dogs running and fouling everywhere.

Mrs C. Hampson

Macauley Avenue



Doctor’s job

Name and address supplied (Your Say March 3) protests his decision to smoke is none of Dr Rajpura’s business, or that of doctors like him.

If the correspondent ends up in hospital with a smoking related condition then it will be Dr Rajpura’s business, and the business of the other staff who will have to care for him.

Mr B. McCann

Prescot Place