Letters - March 3, 2015

Pregnant woman smoking
Pregnant woman smoking
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Smoking rights

Mind your business

Who on earth does that Dr Rajpura think he is by saying that people walking down the Prom should not smoke?

I WILL smoke anywhere I like outdoors and NOBODY will stop me – simple as that, end of story! It’s time that doctors like him got a life and minded their own business on what people do outdoors because I for one would tell him to sling his hook and mind his own business!

I’m an ex-soldier and I’ll do what I want by smoking while walking down the Prom simple as that!

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Smoking madness

What planet?

I thought only a certain director of Blackpool FC was on a different planet now I find out there is also a doctor in a high position.

Charles Telfer

via email

Smoking ban needed

Stub it out

The sooner smoking is banned altogether the better. OK, the exchequer might lose out on all that tax, but we would gain a huge cost saving in health care.

J Robinson,

St Annes

Fracking fears

Gas will hit tourism

Public opinion and business opinion has changed.

Business and employers’ confidence in the shale gas ‘Shangri-la’ has been shaken and is falling away.

The Countryside and Landowners’ Association and the National Farmers’ Union have hardened their positions and are warning their members of the medium and long term dangers of having fracking on their land.

Property experts are also clear that a fracking site with a drilling rig and drilling 24/7 will impact on property values. (Richard Sexton, Esurv: UK’s biggest valuation services.) And Cuadrilla want up to 80 sites.

The self-styled North West Energy Task Force has been exposed as opportunistic cheerleaders with zero 

Many more Lancashire employers (240 plus and rising) have registered their resistance to an alien industry which threatens the long term economic interests of their county and especially agriculture and the flagship leisure and tourism enterprises.

Unlike Aberdeen, there is no hope of a similar bonanza for Blackpool and the core identity of the town – as a clean, coastal experience with the advantage of access to a rural “back garden”.

Drilling rigs will be highly visible and you will know already that the country as a whole is now much more aware of the flaring of methane and the transport of hazardous flow back fluid in massive tankers which accompanies the fracking process. Blackpool will lose the advantages it has and gain no more than minor transitory spending by haulage companies or similar.

Cuadrilla will need multiple sites to make shale gas pay (it is very expensive to produce).

The two planning applications currently before LCC are only the start. Councillors and MPs should be alert to the transformational change which will befall Blackpool, Lytham, St Annes and the Fylde through amenity, attraction and employment damage.

Only the energy companies will win. Only Lancashire and its coastal neighbours will pay.

Councillors should protect economic certainties and refuse to gamble on a backward- looking energy fix which the country, the county and communities are determined to reject.

Barry Warner

Via email

Animal charity help

Rigbys’ chips in

May I say a big thank you to Peter and his staff at Harold Rigbys fish restaurant on 
Waterloo Road.

Peter regularly hosts fund raising evenings for us serving a fish and chips supper and running a quiz. This latest one raised £283 which goes towards supporting our new state of the art animal centre in Stalmine.

The funds are needed to provide much needed animal welfare care for local animals and to date we can accommodate up to 80 cats and kittens, birds and small “furries”.

The large dog kennel will be commissioned this month allowing us at last to admit dogs and puppies in the nursery unit.

Currently the foundations are being laid for a rabbit unit. Our operating theatre is in daily use where routine surgical procedures are carried out saving animals who may be already traumatised the further stress of transport to a vet’s practice.

Peter and his staff work so hard to make the evening a success and testimony to this is the number of people who regularly attend.

The staff Tia and Linda alongside Peter work cheerfully all evening to ensure everyone has a good time.

Ann M Turner

RSPCA Branch Secretary